Come to the mighty Texas

Beautiful Texas

Texas has rolling plains and prairies that any farmer dreams of. Grasslands perfect for your cattle to graze in. Forests with all the game you can imagine. Rivers with fish and fresh water. The coast is right there for boats to come in and out. Do not worry about being isolated, there are plenty of towns with all your daily needs.


To come down to Texas you must

-Be Catholic

-Pledge your loyalty to the Spanish government

Land Policy

If you are staying for six months, you will receive 640 acres

If you are staying for three months, you will receive 320 acres

People who are staying through out the war, you will receive 1280 acres

Colonists get 4600 acres if you have a family

A single man gets 1470 acres


Texas has the cheapest land in the world. When you can't afford the $1.25 per acre, Texas has only got land for 12.5 cents. And this can be paid out over several years.

Make your door say G.T.T