Ida Tarbell

Shannon Gaines Period-6

Who is She?

Ida Tarbell was a leading Muckraker in the progressive era. She exposed John D. Rockefeller and his corrupt ways in the Standard Oil Company. She wrote him to be a money- grabbing man who monopolized the Oil Trade and attempted to take over the entire business. She is famous for her book, "The History of the Standard Oil Company" and her many magazine articles as well.
Ida Tarbell: The Woman Who Took Down Standard Oil

Tarbell & Thoreau

Both Tarbell and Thoreau saw the unjust in something very important to the country and decided to write about its tainted ways. Tarbell saw the foul play going on in the Standard Oil Company and riskily took her research and wrote about what she found and exposed it to the world. Tarbell saw how much control Rockefeller had and how much he needed to be exposed. Like wise, Thoreau saw how power hungry our government is and the many flaws in their system. Both rebels wrote great works on their causes whether it be the scam on voting our offices to getting the Standard Oil Company monopoly broken up, both authors spoke the truth when many people wouldn't. This quality alone gives both Tarbell and Thoreau respect and admiration from those who read their works.