Newsletter Week 7 Term Two

Reporoa College 14th June 2021

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Year 12 Workshop

On Thurs 24th June all Year 12 students will take part in the Sophie Elliot

Foundation Loves-Me- Not one day workshop. This is a ‘whole-school approach’

to prevent abusive behaviour in relationships, facilitated by police, teachers and

counsellors. It is based on a student inquiry learning process, where students take

action (personal action, effective bystander action and community action) to prevent

harm from relationship abuse. Loves-Me-Not is designed for Year 12 students as the

appropriate age to discuss relationship abuse and to start to take action for change.

Nigel Latta explains how Loves-Me-Not teaches senior secondary school students

about healthy relationships. The video can be accessed on YouTube

at: and we welcome parents to watch it.

Year 12 students will come to school as normal but have the option to dress in mufti.

They will also be offered Subway at lunchtime, courtesy of the college. This really is

an awesome course and we look forward to taking the students through the day.