Everyday manman

motto:you wear the pants dont let the pants wear you

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life before everyday manman

before he was known as one of the best human super heros heres what made him who he is today. He grew up in a middle class home lived and average life had a little sister, mom,dad and he went to school he was a trouble making teenager most of the time.Skipping school and not really caring about the life he lived.so 4 years ago his little sister who was 5 was diagnosed with a brain tumor.So not much later she passed away and that changed his life loosing some one so close to him . Made him want to be a better person , started living the right way,and decided to start helping other people ,and saving them from making mistakes that he did when he was younger trying to teach them life is much more.

hero's code

-treat other equal

-fight for whats right

-help other in need

dont be selfish

make mistakes but learn from them

special powers

he can heal people wounds (ex.if they get hurt and brake there leg or burn the arm)

his heroic qualities