Civil Rights Leaders.

Malcome X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is considered one of the most influential women during the civilmrights movement. She was known as the women who refused to give up her seat for a white man. I say that she is the most influential person out of MLK Jr. and Malcolm X. I can say this because she "started" the bus boycotts, or helped lead up to it. The bus boycotts in my mind was a strong turing point in the civil rights movement.

Civil Rights Leaders:


Martin Luther King Jr. was known as the leader of the civil rights movement. I believe MLK Jr. is a close first to Rosa Parks for being the most influential person during the civil rights movement. MLK Jr. had been the leader of so many changing events, marches, and speeches for the movement. But one reason he isn't number one on my list is because after awhile his followers became tired of his non violent tactics. But for the other amazing things he did he is second on my list.

Malcolm X

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Malcolm X was another person who changed the ways of the movement drastically. This is because his views on protesting against white anger was different from MLK Jrs, because he supported violent protests. I find Malcolm influential because he gained many followers and gave the movement more media attention. So he is on my list for being the third most influential person in the civil rights movement compared to Rosa Parks and MLK Jr..

By abbie logan