Gifted and Talented Tidbits 24

By Lenora Barnes 3/24/16


This week the kindergarten students did a variety of activities. The students completed rhyming word puzzles which required them to think critically and to use their rhyming, syllable, and vocabulary skills. We read the book "Beautiful Oops" and discussed how everyone makes mistakes, how mistakes are a part of learning, and how you can turn a mistake into something beautiful. Along with this discussion, the students completed the second part of an art activity to illustrate this idea. The students were also challenged to create a device, from a set of given materials, to transport an Easter egg from one end of the table to the other without dropping or touch it.

The first and second grade students worked on two different kinds of word puzzles. The students also worked together to solve a couple of logic problems. They were excited to hear the next part of the adventure of our read aloud book's main character. Part of our class time was also spent practicing math problems in preparation for the upcoming math contest. The remaining time was spent working on their Animal Nation project.

The third and fourth grade students also completed multiple kinds of word puzzles. Each grade level practiced for their specific grade level math contest by solving a variety of challenging math word problems. The students enjoyed hearing about the newest developments in the lives of the Mysterious Benedict Society as we read our read aloud novel. The remaining time was spent on the TPSP projects.


3/29/16 No GT Class - due to STAAR testing

April 4-5, 2016 (Mon. & Tues.) No GT Class (I will be attending the TAGT Leadership


Noetic Math Challenge Contest - Week of April 11, 2016

GT Identification Letters Mailed- 4/15/16


If a teacher completed the 30-hour foundational G/T training several years ago and has not continued with the 6-hour annual G/T professional development updates, must he/she retake the 30-hour training to be considered a G/T trained teacher in Texas?

There is no such requirement in law or rule; however local district policies may include this requirement.

Must all teachers complete the annual six-hour G/T professional development update?

All teachers who provide instruction and services that are a part of the district’s defined gifted/talented services program for G/T students must receive a minimum of six hours annually of professional development in G/T education that is related to state teacher education standards(TAC §89.2(3); TAC §233.1; State Plan 4.2C).

Happy Easter!