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May 26, 2020

Washington End of Year Parade

Dear Washington Family,

I hope this email finds you well and looking forward to the long holiday weekend. I am excited to announce that Washington will host an End of School Year Parade on Monday, June 8th from 11:00-12:30. To honor our out-going graduates, we will begin the parade with our 5th graders as "Grand Marshalls". All other grades should plan to join in at 11:15. Please see below for a map of the parade route.

The purpose of the parade is for us to celebrate the relationships between home and school and between students and their teachers, and for us to see each other one more time before the end of the school year, if even for a brief moment. Please understand that health and safety must remain our top priority for all involved. We ask all families to follow the guidelines listed here when participating in our parade:

  • The parade is completely voluntary for all staff and families. Please participate only if you are interested in doing so.

  • All parents and students must remain in their cars at all times throughout the parade. This is to keep the line moving steadily, yet more importantly, for the health and safety of our staff members. Any families walking to the school to participate will be asked to leave.

  • Please refrain from congregating on our school parks and playgrounds. These places are still closed due to the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order.

  • If the weather prevents us from having the parade on its scheduled day, it will be canceled, and parents will be contacted beforehand.

  • Staff will wear masks at all times during the parade, as well as follow all social distancing guidelines.

  • We ask the driver of the car to please focus on the road, while allowing passengers to do the waving and viewing.

  • This is not a time to turn in materials or to attempt to hand a teacher a gift. Please contact me via email to make other arrangements.

  • We have collaborated with the Park Ridge and Niles Police Departments for their assistance with traffic during the parade. Please follow the directions provided by staff or police officers in regard to route and speed.

We look forward to seeing our Washington family once again and bringing closure to the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support!


Angie Brito

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Additional Student Materials Pick Up Day - June 8th

Thank you to all of our families who were able to make it for student materials pick up. We have scheduled an additional pick up date for Monday, June 8th from 8:00-11:00 a.m.

Within the gym, we arranged student items in clear plastic bags, labeled with your child's name. Bags are organized by grade level and homeroom.

Other Information:

  • This is for parents only. Please do not bring students.
  • Parents will need to wear a mask.
  • Please practice current social distancing guidelines by maintaining 6 feet distance between others.
  • Enter through Gym Door 6 and exit from Door 7, so those entering and leaving will not pass each other.
  • Cones will be set up outside the gym entrance--6 feet apart if a line is needed.
  • Only 5 parents will be allowed in the gym at any time.
  • Tables will be set up and labeled by teacher last name. All items are bagged and labeled by student names.
  • Please return any textbooks, or other materials that belong to teachers that were borrowed. You may leave these on the tables by teacher last name.
  • Please return library books--carts will be labeled for collection.
  • Mrs. Tulley will have a nursing station set up for parents to collect student medications.
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2020-2021 Registration Reminders

Help us plan for your child next year! Students will not be placed on a core/classroom list for 2020-21 -- or considered in your school's planning for the coming year -- until the online registration process has been completed and approved by District 64.

Please note that registration is due by Friday, June 5th.

Please note this is for all returning, kindergarten, and transferring students. Parents can login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on "Forms 20-21 Registration" in the navigation menu on the left. Fill out the forms under the "Enrollment" tab and upload any necessary documents when requested. Please register your child in a timely matter so we can staff our building appropriately. If you have any questions, please contact Lea O'Neill (loneill@d64.org) or Michele Navarra (mnavarra@d64.org).

Field Day 2020

Field Day is a special event for our school community that allows students to celebrate their hard work over the year and connect with their schoolmates. This year we invite our entire District 64 PreK/elementary school community to participate in Field Day together. Field Day is also an opportunity to teach students about friendly competition. In the spirit of friendly competition, we would like to see which school has the highest percentage of participation in Field Day. There are 4 simple activities to complete. Each activity has a video demonstration and written direction to help you and your child complete the activity safely. Once your child has completed the activities you can submit them on the D64 Field Day Scorecard. If you have any questions regarding Field Day please reach out to your child's P.E. teacher. Please complete the activities by June 5th. If you would like to share your child’s experience during the activities please use the hashtag #D64FieldDay. Thank you for participating in Field Day and for keeping this event a special part of the school year.

Field Day Activities Field Day Scorecard

Young Author Awards

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Student Chromebook Updates

During this unique pandemic situation, the district is instructing that your student keep their currently assigned Chromebook through the summer months. Please maintain the care and responsibility of the device just as you have over the school year. The expectation is that when the new school year begins, your student will return to school with their assigned Chromebook and case. For 5th grade students going to the middle schools, the exchange for their new Chromebook will happen in the fall when they become 6th graders. Students must hand in a Chromebook without damage in order to make the exchange. Due to various system modifications in preparation for the new school year, student Google accounts will be disabled from August 1st - 19th. This means that the students will not be able to login and use the Chromebook during that period of time. Student accounts will be reactivated on Thursday, August 20th. If there are any questions, please contact Kevin Glover at kglover@d64.org.

Instrument Returns

Some families may have questions about instrument returns. If the family is renting their instrument, they should return it directly to the rental company. (We have a representative from Quinlan & Fabish that comes to the schools twice a week during the year to service/repair instruments. At the end of a typical year, he is able to collect rentals. However, this year due to the circumstances, the company is asking families to do a curbside drop off at the rental company.) The majority of students continue renting through the summer, though some may choose to stop renting and start up again in the fall. They arrange their rental with the company on their own. If the student is using a school-owned instrument, they should email their band/orchestra teacher.

Learning Boards are Updated

All learning boards have been updated for this week. Please visit the remote learning website for additional details.
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