by: Elie Wiesel

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Follow young Elie Wiesel as he fights for survival through the harsh Concentration Camps of World War II and battles internal conflicts through out his childhood!


A young boy named Elie Wiesel finds himself in the middle of WWII. The may not seem to bad until you find out the he follows Judaism. He and his family start in ghettos but eventually make their way to concentration camps. Elie and his family get into cattle cars where they travel to Auschwitz. There his is separated from his three sisters and mother. He and his father then start a journey through hell as they travel to camp Buna. There Elie and his father battle for life in death through many challenges including beatings, physical labor, and selections. He and his father then must run 42 miles without resting, while the stragglers are shot. They then go to Gleiwitz where they are loaded onto more cattle cars. Inside the car, Elie and his father almost die. Once they get out of the cattle cars in Buchenwald, Elie's father is beaten and killed. The Americans then liberate his camp.

Coming of Age

Night fits into the coming of genre because Elie is forced to grow up through the concentration camps. He is 15 but lies and says he is 18 so he can survive. He loses his childhood to the concentration camps. He has to learn to survive through what no human being should ever go through. He went into the camps a very religious child but the camps "murdered my god" (Wiesel 32). He is then forced to do physical labor on a small rations of food. He then watches thousands of people murdered. Babies burned and shot, people being burned to death, and he watched his own father get beaten to death.

Would you as a 15 year old even think that this could happen to you.

"After my fathers death, nothing could touch me anymore"(Wiesel 107).
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You should read the book that is a Nobel Piece Prize winner and taught in English curriculum around.