Bullying is Bad

by Sammi Keegan

Bullying Side Effects

Bullying can cause many side effects, such as anxiety, depression and even thoughts of suicide. In fact, thoughts of suicide are 2-9 times more common among victims of bullying. Unfortunately, bullying in the U.s. is rapidly becoming more widespread.

The Spread of Bullying

According to BullyingFacts.com, one out of every two teens in the country has already experienced cyber bullying. What's more, makebeatsnotbeatdowns.org estimates that 160,00 children miss school every day for fear of attack or intimidation by other students. Perhaps most shocking at all, 43% of kids fear harassment in school bathrooms, according to learn360bullying.com


What you are doing is quite harmful!! Did you know that the U.S. National Institute of Health has proven that every thirty minutes a teen in our country attempts suicide? YOU ARE CAUSING MURDER!!! Some of you face problems at home or are bullied yourself. If this is the case, try speaking to a school counselor or your doctor about it. Do you really want to cause other students the same pain? If you need to take out your stress, try punching a punching bag or squeezing a balloon filled with sand. If that doesn't work, try writing down your problems in a journal or just locking yourself in a solitary room and just screaming to let it all out. All the same, there is nothing like a good work out or a nice book to take your mind off your problems. Just remember this- TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT!!!!!!!!