Sunni Islam

Courtney, Emily, Erica


.After the death of Muhammad, Muslims who accepted Abu Bakr as the first Caliph became known as the Sunni or "the people of tradition and unification" in order to differentiate them from the Shia, who rejected Abu Bakr's authority in favor of Ali, whom Sunnis accepted as the fourth Caliph rather than the first.

5 W's

Who: Abu Bakr

What: The Sunni followed Abu Bakr and Shia rejected him and followed Ali

Where: Middle East and there is 940 million that follow the rituals

When: 632 ce

Why: Muhammad passed away and there was two people they could "follow"

Beliefs and rituals

Sacred Time: have sense of entering into an alternate state, a time out of time

Rites and Ceremonies: Sunnis do not consider life events such as birth or marriage to be sacraments or religious rights

Places practiced

It is practiced on every continent but more so in the Middle East and upper African regions.
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