NEWS FROM YOUR TDS for the week of MAY 20th

Where Did The Time Go?

Wow! Can you believe that we have been in school for 171 days?

With all of the stress and rush at the end of the year, things can get crazy. Take a few moments to relax and think of all the great things you've accomplished:

1. You survived the first year of the new evaluation system.

2. You learned about and began to try guided math.

3. You reevaluated your independent student work to increase rigor.

4. In kindergarten, you learned about Book Making.

5. Several of you participated in district book clubs.

6. In kindergarten and first, you taught using Common Core standards.

7. In second through fourth, you learned about Common Core and the changes it will bring for instruction.

8. You were given the 8 Mathematical Practices with information on how they relate to your math instruction...Did you get posters for these too?

9. You began to hear about the HSE 21 1:1 initiative and several of you used new technology with your students.

10. You reviewed the components of the literacy, writing, and math block to help with instruction.

11. You had the chance to see examples of future test questions from PARCC and SmarterBalanced. One of them will replace ISTEP+ in the future.

12. You learned about using Blooms to up the questioning in your classroom.

13. You had the chance to read about Gradual Release as a way to help students learn.

14. You thought about ways to reduce the amount of paper used in your classroom.

15. And the most important took a group of students at the beginning of the year and helped them to succeed in your grade level. You showed them love and learning to help them be successful.

To sum it up, YOU should be proud of all you've done this year! Great job!

My Schedule for the WEEK OF May 20th

Monday 5/20 BSE all day

Tuesday 5/21 CRE-prep for Unit Study Presentation (am), C/O-principals meeting (PM)

Wednesday 5/22 Durbin all day

Thursday 5/23 SCE all day

Friday 5/24 C/O for a TDS Mtg all day

Fun App to Try

Have you heard of Puppet Pals? It is a free app for iPad. With this app, you can create little movies using characters in the program. There are different landscapes (I'm thinking of setting and animal habitats) to use as the backdrop, and you can make the people talk using student voices. Several of you are doing plays and Readers Theaters right now and this would be a great way to let students experiment with creating scripts. I used Puppet Pals with a student and we had fun creating a silly story. The child laughed and laughed and was excited to share the movie with his teacher. Why don't you give it a try? If you have questions about this app, feel free to ask me. There is also an upgraded pay version, I used an iTunes card to pay, that allows you to take a picture of the students' heads and use them on the bodies of the Puppet Pals characters. So fun!


Have you heard? All elementary classroom teachers will be getting Words Their Way to use in their classrooms. Words Their Way is a resource for word study, phonics, and vocabulary instruction. It is a developmentally driven, hands-on approach for word study. You will get the Teacher's Manual which includes black line masters for the sorting activities and other materials. The goal is to distribute the manual to teachers before the end of the school year. You will also get some PD on its use.



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