What Does Sugar solved faster in

Hot or Cold water?

Background Information

The science behind The experiment is That typically Things dissolve fast in hot water because of the increased molecular Motion. This causes the sugar to disolve faster Because its moving fast and working faster to dissolve the sugar. The cold water molecules arent working fast like the Hot water molecules.

Experimental Design

Hypothesis: Will Sugar dissolve faster in hot or cold water?

Variable: Temperature of water, The time it takes to dissolve

Materials: Sugar, Water, Heat Plate, Cup, Ice

Procedures: Heat water then put 50 ml of sugar into it and stir while stiring make sure you have a timer going. After you get that done get ince and water then put 50 ml of sugar into the cold water then stir while stiring time it,

How will you organize your data? In a table

Constants: Sugar, The amount of sugar you put in the water.


As i mentioned before My hypothesis was "Does Sugar dissolve fast in hot water?"

It was correct the sugar dissolved faster in the hot water. it took almost double time to dissolve in cold water. I learned that it dissolved faster in hot water because the molecules in hot water are moving faster than cold. You can connect it to real world because if you need a drink such as kool-aid fast. You will have to heat up water so the sugar will dissolve faster then put ice in it. i could have done it differently but lowering the amount of sugar.