Road To Paradise

ICRTH Sunday School offers a new class for seniors!

Bismilah hir Rahman nir Raheem

Islamic Center of Richmond: Twin Hickory Sunday School


As salaamualaikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatahu,

Attention parents and students! This year the ICRTH Sunday School will have a new program for the Seniors Class known as "The Road to Paradise"!

The program consists of topics that will guide your children along the right path and inshallah lead them towards the road to paradise. During each lesson, your child will learn something new about their deen, have a group discussion, and finally end the class with an activity or worksheet. A few of the topics include: Muslims and the Planet Earth, Day of Judgment, Dress Codes, Forgiveness, Jesus in Islam, The Mother's Role in Islam, and more!

It is crucial for children this age to get the atmosphere of a Sunday school environment where they can grow as confident Muslims. With events like our Eid Celebration, students enjoy celebrating their faith with children their age. The Sunday school offers many things that help develop a close relationship with Allah and the community. If you are interested in registering your child then please email us ASAP.

JazakumAllahu khairun.


Sis. Alya Ali Sarker

Principal, ICRTH Sunday School