Mayan Civilization

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What is the Mayan Civilization?

The Mayan Civilization took place in 250-900 AD. But experienced a golden age between 300 and 900 AD. They had a population of 10,000 with 50-80 individual city states. They were located in Southern Mexico, Central America with an environment of rain forests, lowlands and mountains. Which resulted in many different types of farming like terrace farming ("steps"), irrigation ditches and slash-n-burn (cutting and burning forests to make rich soil). The Mayan Civilization traded salt, honey, flint, jade, cotton, bird feathers, maize (corn) and squash. They believed in sacrifice and afterlife and were polytheistic (believed in more than one god).

Influence of Mayan Civilization

  • Many later civilizations used their language which is still used today
  • The idea of their calendar is still used today, the calendar we use today is only .0002 off
  • Some of their concepts for math is still used today, like their concept of 0 is still used today in our number system

Achievements of the Mayan Civilization

Frequently asked questions

Why are the Mayans the most influential?

The Mayans are the most influential because a lot of the things they created in their lifetime are still used today or the idea of it is still used today. For example, the concept of their calendar is still used today because our calendar is only .0002 off from their calendar and we both use them for the relatively same reasons. Also, some concepts of their math is still used like their concept of zero, we still use that to this day with our number system.