Save the Schwartzs myotis bats

Please save these small helpless bats


This is a type of a very small bat. They are called the mouse eared bats because of their big ears. It is from the Caribbean and mainly eats small bugs. It is a small bat that ranges from 75 to 85 millimeters. It's a mammal known for its large ears.

Food chain

He is ranked low on the food chain because he is so small. He can be eaten by many larger predators. He cant do very much to escape larger animals. He is mainly prey to carnivorous birds.

link (Marcel Holyoak via flickr)


The schwartz's myotis live in caves. They stay in tropical areas in south America. They are normally near water and plants. They are found in tropical forests and in dark areas.


How it adapts

It uses echo location to find food. It is very small so it is easy to hide. it is active at night so there are less predators.

critical info/help

This animal is classified an vu which stands for vulnerable. Its biggest threat is hurricanes because they are so small the hurricane could easily kill them. Different online organizations like collect money to help these and many other animals