Self-Awareness Project

Will Sayers 3rd period


Interests are things that you enjoy to do, and you are excited about.My top interests are: psycology, sports, and paying musical instruments


Skill are the ability to do soemthing well. My top 5 skills are:* Playing the violin* Academics/ School* Working the others* Public Speaking* Helping Others

Some of the careers for my interests and skills were: teacher, counselor, and therapist.


Values are the importance or worth of something.

Top 5 life values: Shelter, Food, Schedule, Happiness, and Religiousness

Top 5 work values: Salary, Convenient, Inspiration, Passion, and Schedule


Personality's are characteristics or qualities in a person. My personality's were social and artistic. A social personality means that you most likely like to work with people. An aritsic personality means that Some careers for my personality were: therapist, counselor, and web designer.