North Carolina Colony

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Problems in the Colony

- Some items they couldn't produce so they traded them instead from crops so they lost crops for other things.

- The humid summers spread disease throughout the colonies.

- North Carolina was under British control even though it was in the United States.

- The 13 colonies were in a rebellion against the British.

- North Carolina And South Carolina were once just one state called Carolina but Carolina was too difficult to govern so they split Carolina into North Carolina and South Carolina.

- The British put a colony in North Carolina to find gold bus they never did find any.

- They were at the brink of starvation.

- It was called the Lost Colony for a reason.

- John White went back to Britain for supplies for the colony and he told the colonists to carve if they all were going to die or if they moved the colony so if the colony wasn't there when they came back he would know what happened to them. When he came back from Britain the word Croatoan was carved on the tree. It is still a mystery to this day of what happened to the Lost Colony.

Native Relations

- They weren't very friendly with the Native Americans because there was a Tuscarora war.

- The Tuscarora war lasted for two years.

- The war started in the year of 1711 and the Native Americans ended the war in the year of 1713.

- The Native Americans and the North Carolinian colonists were having a war because North Carolina had a large population of Native Americans and the Tuscarora wanted them off of their land.

- But at the beginning of the colony they had a good relationship with a tribe.

- Just when the colony was on the brink of starvation the tribe fed them.

Famous Quote

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- It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the East side of the state.

- Tennessee is on the West side of the state.

- Virginia is on the North side of the state.

- South Carolina and Georgia are on the South side of the stat.

- There are three regions in North Carolin.

- The Mountain region is the first region and it is on the West side of the state.

- The Piedmont is the second region and it is in the middle of the state.

- And the third and last region is the Coastal Plain which is on the coast of North Carolina and is on the East side of the state.

Important People