By Jelena Jovanov

3Ds part one

Do you know who make the 3Ds . Do you know a peoples did don't make the ds. A compete make it.

Ds come ypl

It was developed by Nintendo to company other.to get more mony

Do you know that you can play with other popelne



because they are show that they are the beta. The 3ds cooledt a lot of money because it bigger then the nite the niit has less game on it and they don’t have a lot of It I know that because I have it. People think that it collection lees. That may be a bad game are not be a good idea. I think that no one would no buy it at all. If you buy it ok if you buy butt 3ds is the bets. Want you are going on the car trep and if you have a 3ds you can play an all of game on it and you can download game and TV show. You can play with other kids with the ds.