I'll be LOST without YOU!

The team NEEDS YOU!

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You may or may not know, but your status as an active Thirty-One consultant is At-Risk this month. To be active, you simply have to sell $200 in Personal Volume in a rolling 3 month period. If you are unsure of your amount needed to remain active, I will be happy to help you with this.

You also, may or may not know me, but I am your Senior Executive Director and want to let you know a few things about me. I started Thirty-One to get some productive time outside of my house. Over time, my business and my team grew and I had no idea how to manage that growth. It wasn't out of hand, but Direct Sales wasn't my "thing" and I went through the motions of leadership without really knowing how to lead. Over the past year and a half with the help of some wonderful coaches and friends, I have found my footing as a Thirty-One leader. I still have A LOT to learn, but believe I am headed in the right direction!

Unfortunately many of those that grew with the team several years ago, have left. What I want to appeal to you THIS MONTH ESPECIALLY is to Fall in LOVE with Thirty-One again. I'm not asking for 10 parties a month - just 1 - take some time for yourself and have 1 party in May! Enjoy time with old friends or new friends - and put some money in your pocket. The summer catalog is BEAUTIFUL and out BEST yet! Your friends, family members and co-workers are going to be in LOVE!

I am more in love with Thirty-One than I have ever been and believe more than anything that this is the real deal and we are here to stay because Thirty-One has invested in us, as people, women, mothers, friends - They have spent time helping us foster positive relationships with other women all with dreams that we want to come true. There is too much going for us for it to go anywhere but up!

If I can help you in any way, please reach out to me! There is no request too big or small that I won't try my best to handle for you!
This is an amazing ride that I am on called Thirty-One - I hope you will join me! As always, I am available by email (KristasBagBiz@gmail.com) call or text 843-845-2586 PLEASE reach out to me, I am here for YOU!