The Gateway Gazette

Winter 2015, vol. 2, issue 2

Happy winter everyone!

Winter is definitely here and making its presence known! It looks like the chilly northern winds brought more good news with them to Gateway. Our teachers and students have been very busy and working hard to make this another banner year of academic and behavioral excellence at Gateway.

During the months of January and February we will have two exciting celebrations for our Gators. Mrs. Calvage and Mrs. Howard are hard at work on the third annual exemplary behavior celebration. As you know, we will hold two celebrations for outstanding behavior at Gateway, one in January and one in May. “Good” behavior is celebrated in the classroom, while “Exemplary” behavior is rewarded during the celebrations. In January, all students are again given the opportunity to earn a ticket to the behavior celebration in May, so please feel free to remind your children of this opportunity at home as well if it will help you out! We are also celebrating our third “Excellent” state report card rating with all of our Gators by holding a healthy school wide-dance! All students will be able to celebrate with us by grade level, and the celebration will be held during the school day, to allow all students to participate.

Our school-wide writing initiative continues to produce major results! As some of you may know, Gateway is one of two Greenville County Schools that adopted the Lucy Calkin’s Units of Study writing program for all grade levels this year. Our teachers and staff have been working very hard as learners ourselves to master this unique and dynamic program. So far as a result of the student’s persuasive letters, we have received visits from our mayor Wayne McCall, Nigel Robertson of WYFF4, Diana Watson of Fox Carolina, and Gordon Dill of WSPA who commented that he receives so many letters requesting visits that he must deny most, but our 5th graders letters were so persuasive, he had to come and meet the authors! Additionally our younger children have written letters and received new playground equipment!

Thank you all for your continued support of our teachers, staff and students. We would be unable to provide the magnitude of opportunities for our children without our wonderful community. It is such a pleasure to work in our community and most especially at a school with a strong tradition of family and putting children first. Please do not hesitate to give me a call if I can help you all in any way, and drop by our Gateway when time permits. We are always in need of great volunteers!

All the best,

Susan Stubley

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Kindergarten Publishing Party

Mrs. Huff’s K5 class had a “publishing party” to celebrate our writing from the narrative unit. The students worked hard on writing narrative stories. We focused on being able to write more than one sentence and conventions.

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Winter Writing from Ms. Sandlin's Second Grade Class

On the perfect snow day, I will make snowmen with my friend Emily. Then when we get cold, we go inside and play games until we get warm. Then we go back outside and sled to my other friend’s house and jump on his trampoline and eat a snack and drink hot chocolate. We play until our faces are red like roses. ~Lena

On a snow day, I like to go sledding and build snowmen, snowwomen, and snow kids. I also have snowball fights, make snow angels and snow forts. School is out! I hear everyone screaming really loud. I like to sled down my Nana’s hill. When I get cold, I’ll go inside. I am really happy! What a fun day in the snow. Hooray!!! ~Mia Gunter

If I was an elf….

I would go around the world and see if children were acting naughty or nice. If they are nice, they get to go to see Santa! Sometimes I go to Santa’s workshop. I help all the elves to make awesome gifts for the children that are on the nice list. When Santa goes out on Christmas Eve night, I help all the elves clean the North Pole. When Santa comes back we call the elves together and check over the naughty or nice list to make sure we did not make any mistakes. That is what we elves do all year long. ~Georgia

My Dream to Make the World a Better Place for Children

I have a dream that all the children in the world will be treated with kindness and respect. I want all children to go to school and get a good education. I do not want them to be judged by what color they are. I want all children to make all sorts of different friends. I hope my dream comes true. ~Madison

My Dream for Children

I have a dream for children around the world. I want all children to be treated equally and not bullied. Children should not be judged by how they look. No matter how different a child may be, they should all be kind and trustworthy. Treat others the way you want to be treated. ~Anna Grace

My Dream for People

I have a dream that everyone should be treated the same. We should not have any slaves. We should all have kindness with each other. We should all have healthy food. We should all treat others the way we want to be treated. ~Hayden

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Winter is a perfect time to curl up with a good book!

Reading is a skill that gets better with practice. Children who read at least 20 minutes outside of school in addition to the time they read at school show significantly greater achievement than children who do not read outside of school. Make reading a family fun time! Make it part of your daily routine. Set a time each day when the family gets together and shares a good book. Talk about the story. Make reading a “family affair” in 2015!

~Sheila Moss, Literacy Specialist

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