Paul Gauguin

55 years old

Background History

Paul was born in Paris, France. In 1851 his family left Paris for Peru. On their journey there his father died, leaving him and his mother and sisters to fend for themselves. At the age of seven Paul and his family returned to France. At the age of 17 he became a pilot's assistant. Three years later he joined the navy. In 1872 he married a danish woman named Mette Sophie Gad. In the next 10 years they had five children.

Paul had always been interested in art. Later on he rented an art studio and showed paintings in Impressionist exhibitions. He spent nine years painting with Vincent Van Gogh. In 1903 he was sentenced to three months in prison due to problems with the church and government. He died of syphilis before he could serve his prison sentence.

Art Movements

Paul Gauguin was a French Post-Impressionist artist that was an important figure in the Symbolist art movement. He used bold colors, strong lines, simple forms and contrasts in his paintings. Paul was one of the world's most colorful characters. It wasn't until after he had died that his paintings became famous.

My Favorite Work

This is my favorite work of art by Paul Gauguin because of all the bright and bold colors. He used all the space and used many different kinds of lines.