Union Bulletin Update

May 31, 2015

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"The California losses, incurred during the final three years of Judith Hayward’s 17-year tenure as head of the agency, which ended June 30, inflicted a larger hit on the agency’s balance sheet than the payments to Hayward, but attracted much less, if any, notice outside the agency"

As reported by Valley News Reporter, Rick Jurgens in May 31, 2015 edition of The Valley News.
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HCRS had 1.8 Million in losses due to Revenue Shortfalls at HCRS West, abandons California Project

The Valley News, a daily newspaper in the Upper Valley of VT and NH, serving the towns surrounding White River Junction, has published in the May 31, 2015 Sunday edition two articles on HCRS Financial losses. Click on the two links below to read the articles.

HCRS Policy Hid Loss Failed Calif. Venture Cost Agency $1.8 Million

The Board and CEO makes these decisions and we pay the price!

In 2015, our union local is celebrating 10 years of being a union, of working hard to negotiate contracts with cost of living raises and fair terms and conditions of employment. Those of us who volunteer to work on the Union Council as Officers and Reps work hard and are proud of our service. We have delivered on the Cost of Living Raises for these 10 years except for 2015-2016 when we will all get a $500 one time bonus. It looks like this year's (2015-2016) cost of living raises went to recouping losses from HCRS West.

Prior to having our union, COLAs were infrequent at best. It was too easy for Judith Hayward and her board to say '"it's been a bad year" and not provide hard working staff with needed raises to keep up with inflation. But, that all changed with the advent of our union.

Now with a persistent investigative reporter on the scene, we have facts and figures about the reported losses delivered to HCRS by its all too expensive venture into California DS services. What were the profits of this venture? Nothing. What were the losses? Most likely, these financial losses cost us our Annual Raises, the hiring freeze, and more pressure on existing staff as well as more staff departures.

We have called on George Karabakakis in the past and do so now, again, to honor his word and lead HCRS into a new era of transparency. We call on HCRS and its Board of Directors to insist on transparency in their operations.

United Nurses and Allied Professionals, Local 5051 @ HCRS

As Pictured, from front right to back left of photo

Susanae Glovacki, LICSW, Brattleboro, Vice President

Joyce Dion, LICSW, Hartford, President

Hilde Hyde,MA, CMHC, Hartford

Patty Akley Warlick, MA, DTR, Hartford

Laura B Williams, LMHC,Springfield

Elizabeth Mueller, LCMHC,Brattleboro, Secretary