Code of Ethics

Samantha Martinez


  • I tell my parents were I am
  • I don't take anything that isn't mine
  • I always do my work without anyone telling me
  • i always tell the truth

responsibility to your family

  • i take care of my brothers when they get sick

  • I take care of my dog
  • i cook for my family when my mom cant
  • i take care or my parents when they get hurt or sick
  • i would offer to take care of my little cousins

responsibility for home

  • help clean
  • cook for my family
  • watch over my brothers and dog when my parents aren't home
  • take out the trash
  • walk my dog

responsibility for yourself

  • clean my room
  • wash my clothes
  • clean my self
  • take the trash out
  • help out

responsibility for school

  • try to finish my work
  • help out others
  • listen to the teacher
  • do my work
  • focus in school