August 2014 Psychology Newsletter

Welcome Back Wildcats!

We know the school semester does not start until later on this month, but wanted to let you know what is coming up this semester and school year! There are some policy updates and great opportunities available to you, so please check out each article below!

Degree Candidacy Form for December and Winter 2014 Graduates

Friday, Aug. 1st, 8am to Tuesday, Sep. 2nd, 4pm

Psychology Advising Office, Psychology building room 312

All December and Winter 2014 graduates will need to complete their degree candidacy form and turn it into our office by September 2, 2014 to avoid a late payment fee. Click here to access the form and read about the entire degree check process.

Important: Policy revisions effective 2014

  • Students used to have up to the 4th week to drop a class with deletion from record (no W). This will be shortened to the 10th day of classes. Students now only have 10 days to drop with deletion from record (no W).
  • Withdrawal deadline has been extended from the 8th week to the 10th week. Students can drop the class if passing or not with a grade of “W”. They do not need a faculty signature and should be able to drop through UAccess.

  • Starting week 11, if a student wants to drop a class they must use the late change petition process through week 13.
  • Student can only have a maximum of 18 “W”’s on his/her record (excluding complete withdrawals and retroactive withdrawals). Students are encouraged to drop by day 10, after which the “W” will be on record.
  • Complete withdrawal starts after the 10th day and students will received grades of WC no matter if passing the classes or not.

Please click here to review the Fall 2014 Dates and Deadlines

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Psychology Course Waiting List

Wait lists for Fall 2014 classes will be available Monday, August 18th at 9:00 a.m. and will close on Thursday, August 21st at 4:00 p.m. Because our wait lists will not open until this date, then we suggest students be persistent in their course search over summer. There tends to be a lot of registration activity over the summer break.

Psychology Courses in Italy for Spring 2015!

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Study Abroad in Orvieto Italy this Spring 2015 semester! Three upper division level psychology courses will be offered and taught by Dr. Shamas for direct U of A credit. He will be teaching PSY 358 Psychology of Consciousness, PSY 383 Health Psychology, and PSY 457 Psychology of Happiness. The deadline to apply is October 15th you can begin your study abroad application process at and get more information about the Arizona in Italy program at

Psychology Research and Internship Credit

Are you interested in earning psychology credit for a psych related internship or research experience? Click here to learn more about these opportunities and how to earn credit for them through the psychology department.

Please bring your internship and independent study proposal packets (which can be picked up in the psychology building, room 312) by September 12, 2014 to be processed.

Social Psychology Lab Research Assistant

Research in this lab is conducted on why people do the things they do in the context of their social interactions with others. Specifically, we are interested in how our unconscious fears and insecurities motivate behavior, especially in relation to prejudice, stereotyping, and our everyday efforts to maintain a meaningful conception of reality and a valuable sense of self. Our research is inspired primarily by terror management theory, a broad theoretical perspective on the deep-seated motivations underlying human behavior. Research assistants will be involved in multiple aspects of the research process including learning experimental procedure, running participants in experiments, and entering and interpreting data. This is an excellent opportunity for serious students interested in pursuing a psychology career. Approximately 4 positions will be available starting this Fall 2014 semester. For more information, please contact Uri Lifshin at

Hands on Experience

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Project SOAR

Dear Wildcats!

Enroll in HED 350 and share your college experiences with middle school students in Tucson!

Higher Education 350: STUDENT OUTREACH, ACCESS, & RESILIENCY IN EDUCATION - Mondays & Wednesdays 3-4:15pm

This course will introduce students to the role of individual, cultural, social and environmental factors that affect student academic achievement and the path to higher education in the United States. Students will be exposed to literature and discussions that will allow them to analyze the major theories and research conducted in the areas of college access, outreach, academic achievement, and resiliency.

Project SOAR mentors have said:

Best part about mentoring:

...working with my buddy who didn’t speak English. Breaking the language barrier was a great experience.

...seeing the smiles and joy from the mentees when we arrived on campus.

...being able to make a difference in their lives.

...each of my mentees now has college aspirations and a brighter view of what college has to offer them.

...I truly believe that this program has helped me just as much—if not more—than helping the students that I worked with.

Mentees said:

“Thank you for helping me with my homework and just talking to me.”

“Thank you for helping me pick a school.”

“Thank you for mentoring me and talking to me about college.”

SOAR Mentors said:

“My relationship with my mentee is the most important thing I gained from this is incredible to feel that you can make a difference.”

“My dream career is still to be a teacher. This class has only reinforced my want to be a teacher that makes a difference and advocates for the students. As a future teacher, I hope to incorporate my students’ lives into the classroom and

provide ways for them to connect and get excited about learning.”

The Service-Learning component of this course (known as Project SOAR) expose students to these various factors first-hand as they serve as mentors to students at middle schools in Tucson. Students will bring their experience back to the classroom to enhance and refine their understanding of the course topics, and provide a local angle on the theories and literature discussed in-class.

QUESTIONS? Please see the FAQ page on

If you have any questions please email me at

Looking forward to meeting you next semester!

Mary Irwin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Practice

Director, Project SOAR

Center for the Study of Higher Education