jackson breece

ceramics 1

second period

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This project was my first piece of work in ceramics. It really took some time getting used to the clay but I got the hang of it. Everyone made a mug, but I better the basic mug shape while adding different 3-D shapes to almost bring the piece alive and make it pop out when you look at it. One problem I had with this piece was the glazing. If I could change something about this piece, it would be how I glazed it. I would have mixed different colors. I wish the it would have come out a different color but overall I was happy with my work.
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Blue bird whistle

The whistle was by far the hardest project we had this semester. It was just challenging all across the board, from the pinch potting to the major frustration of making a perfect angle with the clay in order for it to make a sound. I was very happy with how the bird's structure came out and the contrast of the blue on the whistle. If I had to go back and change anything about this project it would definitely be to just stay calm and take a deep breath when something goes wrong and calmly start over and not get mad. I believe that this piece of work was one of my best of the semester by far.
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critique #1

Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 20”

As soon as I look at this piece, texture comes to my mind. It's very smooth, curvy and a hard wooden texture that seams to just roll onto all sides of this sculpture. This piece of art also has great form and balance with all of the curves and dips around the project. Its color is a rich caramel, woodsy brown that definitely shadows all of the natural beauty of the wood. Based on what I can see from the picture, the artist is a more natural, modern day , Eco type artist who loves configuring his work around nature. This piece is very earthy and it gives off a soothing, relaxing, and calm mood and emotion.

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Critique #2

Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height

This is a beautiful piece of work. It's amazing how they actually produced a piece so masculine, precise and lifelike. Every curve and shape is identical to ones of a human. This piece shows great form and space using multiple pieces within one project. The color is more of a powdered white, like eggshells. It's perfect for this sculpture because it doesn't go over board and take away the actual skill and beauty of this piece of art. From what you can see here the piece looks like a Greco-Roman time period type piece of artwork, displaying the admiration of the natural human body, this is why they are nude. By looking at it the artist who made this was either in this Greco-Roman time period or is fascinated by the history of this time period and its art. You could say that this sculpture represents Adam and Eve with God in the middle, but for others it could just be a Greek god like Zeus with two mortals beside him signifying bigger his dominance and power.