ICT Bulletin

Monday 15th April 2013

A new look

Each week I've been using the ICT Bulletin as a way of getting important information to you without having to send countless emails. The aim was to replace these multiple emails with one source that could be referred to throughout the week. However I appreciate that, for most of you, it's yet another email to read or clog up your inbox. Hopefully this new look will encourage you to take a minute to read about what's going on in ICT at JSD.

At the bottom of this email is an option to unsubscribe from emails by Craig McNeil. Please do not click on this...don't even be tempted! :D

IS Support

I'd like to welcome Patrick back to JSD after working at JSL. Please remember that Patrick will only deal with issues if they have been logged on the HelpDesk unless it's an emergency (see video below!). A new version of HelpDesk will be coming to JSD soon and this will simplify the process even more.

Changing your password

If you didn't change your password before the holiday you may be asked to do it the next time you log in. Please ensure that you do this. Also, you must remember to update your password in Microsoft Outlook and click the 'Save credentials' box.

ICT Working Group

I'm looking for a few volunteers who could spare an hour or two this half term to form an ICT working group. I'd like to meet with a cross section of staff to look at ICT staff development and training as well as planning and support for next year. Please let me know if you're interested.

Just for fun!

What not to do if the printer isn't quite working...

Skip to 40 secs!

Office Rage


I used Smore - http://www.smore.com to create this week's bulletin. You can use Smore to create online flyers and notices. It can be used in lessons too! Just set the privacy view to private and have a go!