Challenges New Parents Face

By: Tamisia Lynch

Adapting To New Routines

The parents can adapt to interrupted sleep by taking turns getting up in the middle of the night to handle the baby. Also it is important to get much sleep as you can while the baby is sleep.

Handling Mixed Emotions

There are a lot of ways to handle mix emotions. Sometimes you just need time alone and think things true. Sometimes you can talk about your feelings to someone who understands.

Gaining Confident

Parents can gain confidence by growing through hands-on experience. They can discover new methods to handle the baby and use the method that best fit the parents.

Strengthening the parent-child bond

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Parents can strengthen the bond with their infant by cuddling with them while they are feeding the baby. Also they can show a lot of affection by talking to the baby, kissing, and hugging.

Managing Multiple Roles

Parent can manage multiple roles by getting organized. They can create an agenda or also a to do list. Also they can clarify on who is responsible for doing each job.
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Developing a support system

The parent of the child can develop a support system by being appreciative, and also accepting advice and help from other people and show that they are thankful.
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