Silent echo

Information on ultrasound

What is ultrasound ?

Ultrasound is when an echo is being sent out and when it touches an object it bounces back fisherman use ultrasound to find fish .Also in hospitals nurses use altra sound to scan for baby's .also dolphins use ultrasound to contact other dolphins and to hunt for food . Also bats use ultra sound to hunt for pray and to get around at night because bats are blind .

Why can't we hear ultrasound ?

Because ultrasound is too high pich for humans to hear like in shops they use it to stop teenagers from stealing in shops it send a high pich that only children can hear it gives the teenagers a headache .but adults can't hear it because the older you get the less you ccan hear ultrasound is used to train dogs because dog have better hearing than humans so dogs can heart ultrasound . Some dog whistles make dogs go all crazy because it is high pich and it gives the dog a headache

Things that can hear ultrasound