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March 18th, 2016

Summer Camp Early Enrollment Discount!

Summer is just around the corner and we are gearing up for an action-packed Summer Camp this year! Registration forms received on or before Thursday, March 24th will receive $25 off per week for up to 4 full weeks (5 day option). We hope that you all will join us for an exciting summer!

Early Bird Discount for Chesterbrook Academy Feeder School Students

The $200 early bird registration discount for internal feeder students expires Thursday, March 24th. Simply complete the Priority Enrollment Form (below) and return it with your registration fee to secure your child's enrollment!

Automatic Re-enrollment for 204 Extended Care

Children currently enrolled in our 204 extended care program will be automatically re-enrolled on March 24, 2016, unless we have received notice in writing that you will not be returning this fall. Please include the $100 early bird registration fee with your April 1st tuition payment.

Scholastic Book Fair

Looking for something to add to your Easter baskets? Stop by our book fair and browse the wide variety of springtime favorites!

Monday, March 21: 3:45 - 6:00pm

Tuesday, March 22: 3:45 - 6:00pm

Wednesday, March 23: 3:45 - 6:00pm

Thursday, March 24: 3:45 - 6:00pm

Schedule challenges? No problem! Click the button below to shop our online book fair.

With your book fair purchases, we have been able to add new books, book shelves, rugs and purchase a new cataloging system, to enhance our school library.

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Specialty Shoutout for Self Control

Camryn in Mrs. Nelson's Kindergarten class continues to demonstrate self control in P.E. class. During our warm-up activity earlier this week, Camryn noticed another student who was off task and not following directions. She did not yell at the student or become influenced by that behavior, but instead corrected that student by reminding him/her of the movement the whole class was doing in a calm and caring way. Way to go Camryn for demonstrating self control!

Will in Mrs. Nelson's class was very focused on his art project this week and added some wonderful creative ideas. I was impressed by his concentration as it is not always easy to stay focused especially for our youngest friends. Great job this week Will!

Will also demonstrated self control in spanish class this week by controlling his impulses to talk to friends during instruction time and he did an awesome job limning up this morning in before care. Keep it up William!

Omar showed this month's character trait of self control in Technology class by resisting to shout out when he was done with his project. After catching himself a few times, Omar reread the rubric and continued to notice elements he could add or improve to make his work better. Not only did he control his shouting out, he also showed self control by refocusing his attention to improve his work. Awesome job Omar!

Muzain in Mrs. Plass' class continues to demonstrate self-control every week in music class. She always does her best to avoid distractions and remains focused and engaged during vocal rehearsals for the "Lion King." During a long choreography rehearsal this week, Muzain showed self control by following the dance steps and standing still and listening when new steps were being taught. Muzain continues to lead by example every week and is a great role model for self control! Great job!

3rd Quarter Conferences

If you would like to request a 3rd Quarter Conference with your child's teacher, please contact them to schedule one during the week of April 4th-8th between the hours of 8:15am-4:15pm.

Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Barthelt

Our fourth and fifth graders recently interviewed Chesterbrook graduate Jessica Barthelt, who graduated from our school last year and now goes to St. Francis High School.

Tell me some of your favorite memoires of when you attended Chesterbrook?

Jessica told us that she remembered outdoor education, our trip to Lorado Taft. She also remembered the winter and spring concerts. Some of her favorite memories are with her friends and teachers.

Explain some of the skills you learned at Chesterbrook that are helping you in high school?

Jessica explained that time management was very important to her. She stated that coming to class prepared with materials and on time was an important skill. Also, developing good note taking skills were important in being successful in her classes.

What do you miss the most about Chesterbrook?

Jessica missed the concerts at Chesterbrook and all of her friends.

How as the transition from Chesterbrook to high school?

Jessica expressed that the transition was smooth; she needed to get use to a larger school. She was concerned about making friends at first, but everything ended up working out.

What advice do you have for our Chesterbrook students?

Jessica said she would tell other Chesterbrook students to develop good time management skills and good note taking skills.

What were some of your feelings during your graduation?

Jessica had mixed feelings about graduation, she was happy to enter a new chapter in her life and she was sad to be leaving Chesterbrook.

Jump Rope for Heart

Our annual Jump rope for heart is coming soon, and our students will be learning about how to take care of their hearts and how to spread the message to friends and family! The American Heart Association will be coming to our campus on April 8th to share Heart Healthy messages to kick off our event.

The American Heart Association's goal is to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans. They will challenge our kids to start living a healthy lifestyle now to prevent problems later.

You can get a head start on raising funds for a lifesaving cause by following the instructions below:

1. Go to:

2. Scroll down to the bottom & click on Join team.

3. Follow on screen directions to Login

4. Click on Send emails Choose “Please Support me” from drop down email template box

5. Enter email addresses and send out emails.

Any students who raise at least $150.00 online BEFORE the kick off presentation on April 8th will receive Toby, the top dog stuffed puppy at the assembly!

Thank you so much for supporting our school and the American Heart Association. You will be making a lifesaving difference in so many lives and teaching your children the importance of giving back!

Testing Update

This Spring we will be switching to standardized tests published by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) as the Stanford 10 Achievement Test (SAT10) is being phased out by the publisher. A letter was sent home with more details about the new tests. Since we will be taking a new test in a new format, we have decided to move up the testing dates in order to accommodate for our Education Coordinator, Rosemary Cataldi, to be on site during testing week. The ERB will be conducted the week of April 11-15, 2016. All clubs (aside from Dance) have been rescheduled for the week of April 25-29.

Student Council Hoedown on April 16th

Student Council would like to invite the students of Chesterbrook Elementary to a Hoedown on Saturday, April 16th from 6-8pm. This event is FREE as Student Council's thank you for all of your support this year. This event is for students only and includes a DJ and fun entertainment. Invitations were given out at the Science Fair last Thursday and RSVP's were due by Fri March 18th. We hope to see you there!

Españolathon 2016!

During the week of April 18-22, students will participate in a variety of spanish activities planned by the Spanish Club "Sociedad Hispanica de Amistad" (SHA). Students will have the opportunity to join the Spanish Lunch Table, participate in a Poetry Recitation Competition, practice Latin games and dances during recess, participate in a special school assembly, and much much more! Please contact Sra. Artiga with any questions at

Parent Resources:

Big Steps for Little Feet Visitors

This past week we have had several of our PreK and K classes from our local Chesterbrook Preschools visit us to experience what life is like in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. We hope to see many of these faces again in fall as Elementary Students!

Jack in the Beanstalk Performances

Kindergarten students from Chesterbrook Academy in Westmont, Lisle, St. Charles, Bartlett and Plainfield performed Jack in the Beanstalk at the elementary school this morning. We will be selling DVD copies of the performance for any family who missed the show or would like a keepsake. Please look for an order form next week!
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Club Schedule Next Week

Monday 3/21 - Kickball, SHA (lunch time)

Tuesday 3/22 - Chess, Cartooning, Girls Soccer

Wednesday 3/23 - Dance, Tutor, Karate, Choir (AM)

Thursday 3/24 - Boys Soccer, Bell Choir (AM)

Monthly School Calendar

For the most up-to-date school information (including club dates), please check out our online calendar.

Upcoming Dates


Tu 22 - CAPA Coffee 9am

Th 24 - Report Cards Go Home

Th 24 - Last Day to turn in Summer Camp Forms for early enrollment discount

F 25 - School Closed for Holiday

Mon Mar 28th - Fri Apr 1st - Spring Break, Care Available (Forms due by Fri Mar 18th)


Th 7- CAPA Meeting 8am

F 8- Jump Rope for Heart Kick-Off Assembly

F 8- Out of Uniform: Spirit Wear

M 11-F 15 Testing Week (no clubs, except for Dance)

F 15 - In Uniform Day

Th 21 - Family Fun Night (Fore! Family Fun) 6-7:30pm

F 22 - CAPA Coffee 9am

F 22 - Out of Uniform - Spirit Wear

F 22 - Kindergarten Kane County Cougars Game

M 25 - Kindergarten Field Trip Kline Creek Farm 10:30-1:30pm

F 29 - Out of Uniform - Student Choice