Walk Around The Old Neighborhood.

Join Me And My Friends On Our Journey


Walk Around The Old Neighborhood. Snapshot.

I Walked Around My Old Neighborhood As A Child, A Couple Of Years Ago. It Looked Like It Was A Poor Neighborhood But It Wasn't It Had Just Needed Some Cleaning, Like Picking Up Trash That Other People Would Come By And Litter. Every Noise You Would Hear Came From The Train Station Near By. As I Was Walking Two Of My Brothers/Friends Meet Me To Make Sure I Wasn't Alone And Was Gonna Be Okay. Plus We Had All Wanted To See How Our Old Neighborhood Looked Like As Of Now, We Wanted To See If Anything Has Changed And If Some Stuff Stayed The Same. As A Matter Of Fact, Follow Me And My Friends On Our Walk Thru Our Old Neighborhood.

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My Friends Name Were: Ramond he was the Jock Type Of Guy, And Max was The One To Tell Everybody The Truth And Nothing But The Truth Type Of Guy. And I Was The Keep It Real Kid, Do Whatever I Want To Kid And The King/Boss Kid, Basically I Was The Popular Kid. They Both Were Like Brothers To Me.

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One Day When I Was 6 And The Rest Of Them Were All Older Then Me, Around The Time They Was 8 I Was Outside Playing And These Dudes Wanted To Jump Me Because I Had Owed Them Some Money For Losing A Bet To One Of Them. So When The Dudes Was Walking Up To Me Getting Ready To Jump Me Next Thing I Know Two Dudes That JUst Moved Down The Street From Me JUmped In Front Of Me And Told The Bullies If You Gotta Problem With Him You Gotta Problem With Us. It Eventually Became 2 vs. 3. Didn't Nothing Happened Though, The Bullies Just Walked Away And Never Bothered Me Again. Ever Since Then I Have Called Them By Big Brothers And Anytime I Need Help I Call Them To Help Me. Last Year I Had Called My Brothers On The Phone Cause I Hadn't Spoke To Them In About 3 Years, That's When I Moved Out Of The Neighborhood. I Called Them To See If They Wanted To Take A Visit To Our Old Neighborhood And They Shouted “Yes”.

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So Next Thing You Know We Meet Up And Walked From Our Old Block To The Next 6 Blocks. On Our 6th Block We Had To Turn Another Block To Go To Our 7th Block Because It Was An Accident Down It, You Could Have Turned Right Or Left. As We Were At The Corner Deciding Which Way We Was Turning, I Was Looking At Them On My Left Side And When I Turned To Look At My Right Side All I Knew Within Some Seconds I Was On The Ground Screaming, Hollering And Moving Around. I Did All That Because It Was A Freaking Vicious Dog On Me. The Dog Was About Just As A Big As I Was, It Was A Pit bull. I Don't Care What Anybody Say On That Day I Wasn't A Bad Or Big Boy, I Had Become A Little Baby Boy. As I Was Getting Slobbered All Over, Ramond And Max Was Looking For The Nearest Stick Available. They Eventually Found A Stick And Ran Up On The Dog, Causing Him To Get Scared And Run Away As Fast As Possible. When The Dog Got Up Off Of Me I Told Max And Ramond To Hurry And Let's Go. We Ran As Fast As A Cheetah To My Grandmas That Lived On Our Old Block.

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When We Got To My Grandmas House, I First Wiped The Dogs Slobber Off Of My Face Next She Asked How Was Our Journey and We Told Her About She Had Started Laughing And Said Well Now You're Safe And I Have Baked And Got You Guys Some Snacks. Me, Ramond And Max All Said What Is It, And She Some Brownie Sweet Delicious Homemade Cake And Some Good Oll Pillsbury Cookies That Are All Delicious And Soft. And Some Good Oll Brownie Flavored Ice Cream. I Remember Eating All Those Things Every Time Me And My Brothers Got Together.

Every Since That Crazy Journey Through My Old Neighborhood I Learned To Always Be Aware Of Everything Especially Loose and Vicious Dogs.