Sparklers Team Christensen

March 2016

Entire Downline

  • $8,269 Team Sales
  • 12 Parties
  • 26 consultants
  • 5 New Consultants
  • 1 Director, 1 Senior Consultant

Welcome To Our Team

Sparkling Dreambuilders

Top Personal Volume

Startswell Earners

Home Office K group earners - Summer Group Starting May 1

  • Cheanna S - 1/2 K Group
  • Laura J - 1/2 K Group
  • Juli E - 1/2 K Group
  • Hannah S - 1/2 K Group
  • Danielle B - 1/2 K Group

Congratulations Ladies! These exciting groups will have daily posts, and monthly events to connect live with Home Office. You will also be able to connect with your fellow Thirty-One sisters who currently have the same sales volume. You will have the opportunity to connect with one another and ask for advice and share ideas. These groups are made up of Consultants from ALL different levels so it’s a great way to connect outside of your circle and get on the spot responses! The goal is for you to connect/build relationships, share ideas and help grow your business!

Sparkling March Birthdays

Did you know...

Are you on the side of statistics or will you break the mold? Either way we are all here to help you achieve your goals, so never be shy about asking for help or ideas!

Upcoming Team News

  • April 1 starts our new Spring Gift Giving Guide.
  • Last minute addition of our Graduation Cap Icon Personalization
  • Conference Registration is going on now! It's only $99. Will be in SLC, July 9-11
  • April special is 'Spend $35 and get either a Double Duty Caddy or Fold N'File for 50% off'.
  • New Spring Sponsoring Incentive begins 4/16 - 7/20. New consultants have an opportunity to earn the New Away We Go Roller. See Thirty-One Today for details.
  • Fiscal year for Thirty-One ends 5/31. All conference ribbons will be based on that date.

Conference Corner 2015 - Only 98 Days till Conference

Your Thirty-one Family Tree (Upline)