T&L All Staff Meeting

Connect & Collaborate for the Future!

August 28, 2013

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Conference room: TBA

Meeting Agenda

9:30-9:45: Welcome and Proud Moments (YUKI)
  • Purpose: For Yuki to welcome everyone and share highlights from various programs over the past year.

9:45-10:15: 6 Degrees of Separation (All Staff!)
  • Purpose: To promote partnerships and to remind all staff that they are connected to everyone in the department. There will be a product (flower, house, chain, quilt piece something) that staff members will have. Participants will meet, find a common theme in their work and determine one way that they could collaborate in 2013-2014.

10:15-10:45: Connections and Collaborations (6 groups of 2)

  • Purpose: To discuss collaborations and strengthen connections. Possible example: Ford and Corina discuss their work with early learning science kits. Ford sits down and someone comes up to join Corina (not in early learning) and discuss their work together.
10:45-11:00: Future (All Staff!)
  • For participants to come up with a phrase that describes who we (T&L) are. This phrase could then be placed on their product they created earlier.