Culture Of Beauty

Kayla Bennett

Beauty in the media: Childhood Stories

In popular Disney films, beauty is always represented with someone who is trustworthy and kind, but the person who is the villain is made to be "ugly." For example, in the Disney movie Cinderella, she is represented as the kind-hearted and loyal character. Cinderella's "ugly" stepsisters are represented as mean and evil characters. Also, in this story, being beautiful in a physical sense is rewarding, since she got her freedom from just being beautiful. Prince Charming chose Cinderella because she was beautiful, and the other girls he had to choose from weren't to him. So, it is believed that the Princes (and other men in general) are programmed to choose women that are beautiful.

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Beauty within the families: Toddlers and Tiaras

The popular show, Toddlers and Tiaras, features little girls entering beauty pageants from young ages. The mothers of these little girls are the most involved with these pageants by taking them to get make up done, getting wigs, getting flippers, getting expensive dresses, etc. It is a popular opinion that these pageants (inside and outside of the show itself) are teaching little girls that they have to be beautiful to win, and that it will affect their self-esteems earlier in life. So, the toddlers get all dressed up and "barbied" up. Most people who watch the show for curiosity see that the girls look fake and that their natural looks aren't good enough to win a beauty pageant. On the other hand, millions of people watch this and think it's okay for young girls to dress up and get fake tans. The girls can win money in these competitions, so it is widely accepted as just a healthy competition, like a sport for these girls.

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