Condoleezza Rice

Government Official

Date and Place of birth

  • November 14, 1954
  • Birmingham, Alabama


  • Mom(Angelena), Dad(John Wesly Rice Jr.), Stepmom(Clara)
  • Only child
  • Single
  • Past boyfriends: Rick Upchurch(Denver Broncos receiver), Gene Washington(Pro-football executive)


  • University of Denver- college(1974, 1981)
  • University of Notre Dame- college(1975)
  • St. Mary's academy- independent day school
  • Miles college

Jobs Held

  • Security Council(1989-91)
  • National Security Advisor(2001-05)
  • 1st black and 2nd woman after Madeleine Albright to be the National Security of state(2005-09) Highest position held than any other black woman
  • Teacher, Political Science BA(1981-1993) Stanford University
  • Professor, Political Science MA(1993-?) Stanford University
  • Administrator, Political Science PHD(1993-99) Stanford University

Interesting facts about Condoleezza

  • Started taking piano when three
  • Skipped two grades(1st and 7th)
  • Her name comes from " Con dolezza" which means " to perform with sweetness", changed the spelling
  • Russian; research ability in Czech and French

Awards and Recognition

  • NAACP gave her the presidents award- 2002
  • Won worst screen couple- fahrenheit 9/11 with George W. Bush
  • Nominated for worst supporting actress- fahrenheit 9/11

Where Condoleezza lives currently

Stanford, California 94305-6010

Age currently

  • 59

What Condi does currently

  • Professor of Political Economy
  • Professor, Political Science, Stanford University

Quotes by Condoleezza

  • "Differences can be a strength rather than a handicap"
  • "people may oppose you, but once they realize you can hurt them, they'll join your side"
  • "I'm enough of an historian to know that my reputation will be what my reputation is. It might be different in five months from five years to 50 years, and so I'm simply not going to worry about that."

  • "I find football so interesting strategically. It's the closest thing to war. What you are doing is taking and yielding territory and have certain strategies and tactics."

  • "My parents had me absolutely convinced that you may not be able to have a hamburger at Woolworth's, but you can be president of the United States."

Other Information

  • Segregated school
  • Parents big help
  • She could do anything
  • Excelled in sports, Acedemics, and Music
  • Originally wanted to be a pianist