Dystopian fiction

By: sam, jonny, kayla


Dealing with societies attempting to build a "perfect" world


it takes the form of an undeveloped future society. The best dystopian literature manages to show us a worse and undeveloped future while resisting to point fingers and invent villains


In a future society controlled by a central government

Dystopian Fiction books

Hunger games series

Divergent series




Battle Royale

Story: Harrison Bergeron

Main Characters: George and Hazel

Setting: 2081: Future society

Plot twists: Yes, When they start to talk about the government

Events realistic: Yes, because the events could possibly happen in the future

Good Example of Genre: Yes, because it is set in the future and controlled by the government

Quotes: "And everybody was finally equal"

"George winced, so did two of the dancers"