GMOs suck

What do you put on your plant

Whats next?

GMOs are the wolfs in sheep's clothing of today's world. Every day all a crossed America people are eating food that has been grown, bathed, planted, and sprayed with chemicals that we don't know how to pronouns let alone eat or fell safe around them. When you slap a chicken breast on the grill do you think of where that meat came from, no? Well let me tell you, the type of chicken that you eat has been genetically modified in order to produce more meat, but in effect they can not even walk more than a few steps at a time and there systems can't keep up with there bodies so they die. and as far as you know they can be making a banana-strawberry fruit so you don't need to put two different fruit in the blinder when your making a fruit smoothing, but in order to do this they use uranium to combined the two. This is a little overboard but you get my point.