A Christmas Carol

By: Josalan Schut

Stave 1

In stave one you will meet Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Nephew Fred, and Jacob Marley. Scrooge is the main character and he is mean and self centered who just wants a lot of money. Bob Cratchit is a kind, happy man with a big family who works for scrooge. Fred is Scrooge's nephew and he is a happy man who loves christmas. Jacob Marley is Scrooge's old work partner and he is dead and very gruesome with chains from his mistakes.

Stave 2

The First Ghost is the Ghost of Christmas past. He takes Scrooge to an old boarding school. This old boarding school is where Scrooge lived most of his life. He showed Scrooge this place because Scrooge was all alone and how he is now is just like back then. He then took scrooge to the time when his sister came to get him from the boarding school. He showed Scrooge this because he was so happy that he wasn't going to be alone for christmas and that he could come back home. He was shown a time at his past job for Mr. Fezziwig. Scrooge remembered working for Fezziwig and how much fun he had. He showed Scrooge this because at one time he liked christmas and wasn't treated like garbage. Then the ghost showed him a time when past Scrooge was talking to his old fiance and she didn't like that he was so focused on money so she left him. He showed Scrooge this because Scrooge lost a very important person in his life to a thing that he could loose very easily. These are the things that the ghost showed Scrooge in Stave 2.

Stave 3

The second ghost was the ghost of Christmas present. He took Scrooge to Bob Cratchit's house. He took him there because he wanted to show Scrooge that his greedy ways effected everyone. He took Scrooge to see people around the world who celebrate christmas. He showed him this because most of them were people who didn't have much but were still happy with everything they had. He took Scrooge to see his Nephew Fred. He took him there to show him that his arrogant rude ways were leading to people hating him. He showed Scrooge a boy and girl who were clinging to the ghosts feet. He showed them to Scrooge because they were ignorance and want. Both of them are man made and if you base your whole life on something pointless like money they are what is left from man. These are the things that the second ghost shows Scrooge.

Stave 4

The third ghost is the ghost of Christmas yet to come. He takes Scrooge to see a bunch of his colleagues. He showed Scrooge them because they said they weren't going to a man's funeral unless there was going to be food. Scrooge doesn't realize it's his funeral they are talking about. He took Scrooge to a black market type place where he sees some women who work for him. He sees that they have some bags full of stuff. They are selling his stuff but he doesn't know they are his. The ghost shows him this because it shows that nobody really cares that he's dead because he was a rude old man. He shows Scrooge a dead man on a bed. He shows him this because it's Scrooge's body but Scrooge is too scared to look at it so he doesn't know it is him.The spirit took him to a couple who owed money to Scrooge and they were happy because Scrooge was dead so they didn't have to pay him any money. He showed Scrooge this because they were the only one's that showed any emotion for Scrooge and it was the wrong emotion. The ghost then took him the the Cratchit's to show Scrooge that Tiny Tim is dead. He shows him this because Scrooge could've changed this from happening if he just cared some more. The last place the ghost took Scrooge was to a grave. He showed Scrooge his own grave. He showed him this to make him realize that all those people who were talking about a dead man were actually talking about him.

Stave 5

In Stave 5 he is back in his room and he's a changed man. He realizes that all of his stuff is still there and he is alive. He is so happy but he doesn't know what time or day it is so he goes to the window and asks a boy who is walking by what day it is. The boy tells him that it's christmas day and Scrooge tells him to go get him a turkey and he would pay him for it. He gets dressed and gives the little boy the money and tells the man with the turkey to deliver it to the Cratchit's for christmas. After he does that he is walking to his nephew's house and sees the charity men he saw before. He stops them and tells him he's going to give him a huge donation and to meet him later. He walks to his nephew's house and tells him that he wants to come to his dinner that night. The next day he saw Bob Cratchit coming in late to work. He stopped Bob and started to sound like he was going to complain but he ended up raising his salary. He saved Tiny Tim in the end and Scrooge was like another father to him. The lesson was to treat people kind and have kindness in your heart and you will be loved. Don't spend all your time on something foolish when you should be spending it on your family and friends.