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What can the air cooler really do? Here is our report.

What is Zen Cooler?

The Zencooler is a small air cooler that is handy, portable and only uses water and a USB port. Unlike other air conditioners, this small air conditioner is easy to use and much more affordable than its larger competitors.

Why do I need this air cooler?

Anyone who always dreams of an air conditioning system in summer, but has never really been able to afford one or has already had bad experiences with such appliances, will now receive great help in the form of a small air cooler. The Zencooler is environmentally friendly and easy to transport. Due to its affordable price, it is a good alternative to the large hard to install and non-transport devices. All you need is a little water and a USB port and you can connect it wherever you want. You can take it with you wherever you go and easily transport it in your car.

Zencooler rating and recommendation

For a long time, large expensive air conditioners were held high in the opinion that they were particularly effective and helpful during the hot summer days. Especially companies bought such devices or even shops. But more and more they became unpopular, because their handling was often complicated and their mode of operation less effective. In any case, the high prices are too high for people with lower incomes or people who like it minimalistically, too enormous, so the small air cooler from Zencooler now offers a big alternative. It is light and handy, portable, quiet and offers a variety of mood lights. Which air conditioning system can claim this?

In addition, the small air conditioner cleans the room air and offers not only refreshed cool air, but also very healthy and clean air, almost like in the mountains. This is also a great advantage over conventional air conditioners whose sole purpose is to cool the air and nothing else. But this small air conditioner doesn't just want to cool, it wants to clean, revitalize and relax. A particularly refreshing and helpful innovation for the hot summer season!

Zencooler technical facts

You can connect the small air conditioner to any USB port or even more easily to an electrical outlet. You easily pour water into the unit's tank and set one of the three thermostat levels you need for cooling. Depending on whether you're relaxing or sleeping, exercising or working, there's the right speed and strength for every activity so you don't get too cold or too little cooling. Adjustable wings allow you to choose the direction in which the cooling should be released.

In addition, the air conditioner not only cools your indoor air, it also cleanses it of harmful substances in the air due to the evaporating water in the unit's tank. The filled water lasts for up to eight hours, so it only needs to be refilled every eight hours and you will experience a pleasant cooling during this time.

The operating mode is extremely quiet, so the air cooler can also be used very well at night. It is also environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

In addition, a mood light with seven different light colours on the air conditioner ensures that it can also be used as a night light for even more relaxation and peace.

Zen Cooler Test

Its functionality and ease of transport alone is a major quality feature that puts all other air conditioners in the shade. It makes no noise, with its seven different atmospheric lights it can also be used as a night light and can be plugged into any power socket or USB port. The air conditioner sucks in the hot summer air and cools it down with the cold water in the tank, then blows it out fresh and clean and distributes it throughout the room. Between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius can be cooled down with it, which means that if it is 30 degrees, it can cool down to 20 or 15 degrees Celsius. The air cooler takes up very little space because it is small and compact and hardly anyone will notice that it is there at all.

Zen Cooler Reviews and opinions

Many large air conditioners cost a ton of money and usually don't even work in such a way that they are easy to operate and install or emit a lot of cool air. And when they do, the cooled air is mixed with chemical substances and the air is not fresh and purified like the Zencooler. Even low-income earners can now enjoy the hot summer days and do so in a healthy way. Almost like fresh mountain air, the fresh cooled and cleaned air flows out of the air cooler and is distributed in the heated room. Especially those who have to live or work in the attic find this small cooling unit a relief. Healthy, refreshing, transportable, light, quiet and affordable - this is how the new type of air conditioner works!

A user of this device reports that she could hardly bear the constant loud noise and rattling of the fan and that it always rang in her ears, even when the fan was no longer running. So her husband bought a Zencooler air cooler and they were thrilled. Now they have some more at home to have a fan in every room.

One user writes that every summer that came, he and his family feared that the electricity bill would increase enormously because of the use of air conditioning. But when they bought this little air cooler, they were amazed how well it worked and that in the end not even the electricity bill had gone up!

Another user tells us that he lives in a flat-sharing community and that there is no air conditioning there. So he bought a small air conditioner without further ado and immediately his flatmates were convinced and bought their own.
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Where can I order Zencooler?

The small Zencooler air cooler can only be purchased online from the manufacturer's website, but this protects you from counterfeiting and ensures that you purchase the original. On this official site you will then receive various discounts, volume discounts and free delivery to your home. You will get a 50 percent discount on an air conditioner order.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The following contact details for the manufacturer/supplier can be found on the official website:

ZenCooler Inc
6444 San Fernando Rd #3550
Glendale CA 91201

Homepage: https://www.zencooler.com/ *

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