-Liam Watts

Fill in the Blank

The dog, who had been cooped up for days, was extremely __________, whining and barking until the owner took him for a walk.

The Word

Querulous (adj.)

-Complaining; irritable; peevish

Its Roots

Derives from the Latin word querulus or quer meaning "to complain"

Also derives from the French word querelos meaning "to quarrel"

Its Forms

1. Querulously (adverb)

2. Querulousness (noun)










Choose the word in bold face from Unit 7 which is used incorrectly

a) Together, they crossed the cold river despite the boy's querulous manner and big sighs.

b) The word in the bee was querulousness defined as "complaint or irritation"

c) The men worked around the clock to solve the problem, yet there was little querulousness in their nature for they loved to work.

d) In hopes of impressing his father, the boy acted querulously, going to school even when sick and feeling awful despite his wishes to feel self pity.

The correct answer is D for the boy would be acting with much complaining if he were to be acting querulously.