March 4th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!

2018-2019 Campus Mission and Vision

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Letiza Quezada, Kindergarten Teacher

I was born in a small town called Dimmitt,Texas. I consider myself from the Southwestern part of the United States, because I grew up in Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua, Mexico. My parents are from small towns in the state of Chihuahua.

I have an Associate’s Degree as a Paraprofessional for the Hearing Impaired from El Paso Community College. I attended the University of Texas at El Paso and transferred to Texas Woman’s University. I graduated from Texas Woman’s University in December 15, 2007. I have worked as a substitute teacher and a teacher assistant before I became a teacher. My first teaching job was at Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood Center from 2008 to 2013 as a Bilingual Teacher. I worked at Central Elementary for one year in Dual Language as a Bilingual Teacher as well.

My husband and I decided to spread our wings and teach overseas in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I worked for GEMS American Academy for one year as a KG2 home room teacher, and the following year I worked at Ajyal International School in Mohamed Bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi as a KG2 teacher. In 2016, I came back to Texas, because my daughters wanted to graduate from a Texas high school. I worked in Dallas Independent School District in as a Pre-K teacher before my start at Lewisville Elementary School.

I married my husband Cesar R. Quezada, on the second of January in 1987. I have four children who are named Julio, Cecilia, April and Ashley and they are all adults. April and Ashley are fraternal twins. I live with my twin daughters and my dog, Plum. My husband is still in Abu Dhabi teaching Primary grade athletics and visits every summer.

Thank You,

Mrs. Letiza Quezada

Restorative Practices

We are all excited to begin our Spring Break. I am super happy that my daughter comes home from college. Many of you have plans to travel or simply jump on the couch to watch TV in a warm and safe environment.

Remember that for many of our Ponies this is not the case. They might become anxious about staying at home for a week. They won't have access to free breakfast and lunch. They might be going to an empty apartment.

Restorative Practices:

  • Take some time to review your treatment agreements with your students at the beginning of the week.
  • This will be a great week for you to do a Restorative Circle in the middle of the week.

Daily Expectations:

  • 2 minute connections

  • 90 second spark plans

  • Grump Meter

Restorative Practice Video

Open House

  • Open House is Thursday, March 7th.
  • 5:30 - 6:30 PM - K through 2nd Grades
  • 6:30 - 7:30 PM - 3rd through 5th Grades
  • Staff of all special programs (Counselors, Specials, Special Ed., Instructional Specialists. etc.): Please coordinate with your teams, so we have representatives during each block. Be available in the hallways and/or stop by your students' classrooms to meet and visit with parents.


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LPAC for TELPAS and STAAR - March 4th

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Duncan Tonatiuh - Author Visit - Tuesday, March 5th

Duncan Tonatiuh (toh-nah-tee-YOU) is the author-illustrator of The Princess and the Warrior, Funny Bones, Separate Is Never Equal, Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote, Diego Rivera: His World and Ours and Dear Primo. He is the illustrator of Esquivel! and Salsa!

The presentation will take place in the library. Here is the schedule:

  • 8:30-9:00 – Kindergarten (BIC)
  • 9:15-10:00 – First and Second
  • 10:15-11:00 – Third and Fourth
  • 11:15-12:00 – Fifth (BIC)

Veronica Hernandez

Library Media Specialist

Lewisville Elem.

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“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it!” -Beverly Cleary

Building Leadership Team

  • Date: March. 6th, 2019
  • Time: 3:20 to 4:30
  • Location: Library
  • Goals: Review CIP Goals 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Click here for agenda

Student Early Release Schedule for March 8th

Student Early Release Schedule 2018-2019 for March 8th

The early release schedule has been adjusted this year due to an earlier release time. For lunch, Kinder. and 1st grades will go through a serving line. Kinder. and 1st grades will each receive 30 minutes in the cafeteria and will be eating at the cafeteria tables.

Click here for instructions.

Staff Early release

March 8th has been designated by Dr. Rogers and the Leadership Team as an early release date for LISD Staff, for this 2018-2019 school year.

  • Friday, March 8th - 1 hour early release for Staff

STAFF RECOGNITION - I Statement: Be Positive and Encouraging every day.

Monthly, we will recognize our teachers and staff (teachers, instructional support, specialists, counselors, CIS and ACE, office, cafeteria, learning facilitators, custodian, etc.). The teacher and staff member receiving the most nominations will be recognized as the Teacher/Staff Member of the Month.

The winners will be allowed to park in the teacher and staff of the month parking spots (which are located in the back of the school), have their pictures posted in the lounge, and receive certificates and treats from the administration team.

Please click here to submit your nomination.

Please submit your nomination no later than 3:45 p.m. this Thursday, March 7th.

CIP CONNECTION: GOAL 2 PO 2: We will promote and nurture collaborative relationships essential for a successful school by developing committees and staff recognition incentives.

STUDENT RECOGNITION -I statement: Create meaningful and positive relationships with all students.

Each month, we will be recognizing the student of the month. Please select one student from your own classroom who is a leader representing the character trait of this 9 weeks. Other teachers and staff may also recommend students. For example, specials teachers, coaches, office staff, counselors, etc. may refer students, as well.

We will recognize students with a certificate and breakfast with Mrs. Valdes on Friday, March 22nd in the library. At 7:45, I will make an announcement on the intercom and ask for the students to report to the library.

Please click here to submit your nomination.

Please submit your nomination by Thursday, March 7th.

CIP CONNECTION Goal 2: PO 5: We will create a positive environment for learners by connecting their learning with meaningful experiences through the NEU philosophy.

Wait! I cannot remember who I submitted for student of the month!

If you need to remember any previous nominations, please go to the Pony Way 2 under the PBIS tab/student recognition. You may also check if someone from your class was nominated.

Thank you Mrs. Blake!

I cannot express how thankful we are for Mrs. Blake's leadership. She has adopted our Pony family with love and care. This will be Mrs. Blake's last official week at LVES. Help me to celebrate her on Friday with chips, salsa and queso in the Library at 2:00 PM.

Important information from the Learning and Teaching Department

  • The APRIL Istation assessment will be the one that the District will count as the EOY reading assessment and will go into Aware. They will NOT use the May scores for end of year data. Students may take the assessment at any time during the month of April, not necessarily at the beginning of the month. However, they will be assessed the first time they login in April.
  • The EOY Writing Samples for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade must be expository, and the district writing prompt and rubric must be used. Window opens on May 1st and closes on May 23rd. Due in Aware May 23rd.
  • Students in the Dual Language Program who score Advanced or Advanced High on TELPAS Writing must write their writing sample in English.
  • Training: Online Reviewing the Standards for 4th grade is March 21st.
  • Training: Online Reviewing the Standards for 3rd grade is March 26th.
  • All ELA and SLA teachers will be required to attend a 3 hour training in the summer on the new curriculum and a 3 hour training on the new adoptions for Language Arts. They must register in Eduphoria when dates become available.
  • ELA District Facilitators will provide additional training on standards and new adoption throughout the year.

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Our Pony Week

Monday, March 4th:

  • NEU Rally 7:50-8:15 for 3rd-5th; 2:00-2:20 for K-2nd
  • LPACs

Tuesday, March 5th:

  • Author Visit in Library
  • NO TEKS & ELPS Collaboration this week
  • Boys LWAL
  • Tutoring
  • Yvette Bernal BD
  • Marisol Anguita-Otero BD

Wednesday, March 6th:

  • Dress for Success
  • BLT 3:15 - 4:30
  • Poverty Simulation/ Trauma informed session *** might be changed

Thursday, March 7th:

  • 3rd Grade Symphony Field Trip
  • 4th grade Field Trip
  • Multilingual Coordinator on campus
  • Rotary Reads
  • TELPAS SAMPLES DUE: 4th & 5th samples due - personal narrative & Social Studies (2 samples) K-3rd writing samples due.
  • Open House

Friday, March 8th:


Important Days Coming Up

  • March 10th: Daylight Savings Time BEGINS
  • March 11th - 15th: Spring Break
  • March 18th: New Teacher Mtg. after school
  • March 18th: TELPAS Rating party during conference time
  • March 19th: TEKS & ELPS Collaboration for 2nd, 5th, and 1st grades
  • March 20th: Spring Begins
  • March 20th: K-2nd Istation Check ins
  • March 20th: Staff Learning 3:15 - 4:30
  • March 21st: Science Learning Facilitator on campus
  • March 21st: Awards: 3rd gr. @ 8:00; 4th gr. @ 1:40 (Lunch ends at 1:30, will clean up and begin.); 5th gr. @ 2:15
  • March 21st: Training after school - On-line Reviewing the Standards - 4th grade
  • March 22nd: 7:45 Student of the Month Breakfast / Awards: 1st gr. @ 8:30; Kinder. @ 9:30; 2nd gr. @ 2:10


Click here to submit a Shout-Out.

  • Thank you Mrs. Oden for helping get the library back in order by removing book adoption materials, boxes and tables!
  • Mrs. Troyer for taking over one of the DI groups and helping them through all that process. I am so proud of them!
  • Coach W. and Coach Green for letting my DI group use the mats for their skit.
  • Mrs. Carlson for letting DI group use your flip chart easel and classroom pillow for their skit.
  • Mrs. Diáz and Mrs. Butler for helping with DI students.
  • Mrs. Crawley for providing me an activity for my English sub to use.
  • Mrs. Huerta for providing Friday morning breakfast.
  • Nurse Rachel for providing her support and resources to help our students who were in need of glasses.
  • Ms. Bethany Wooster! Thank you for the help with SuccessEd and for sharing your resources! That saved me time! I appreciate you!
  • Ms. Naik for collaborating through SuccessEd too! Thank you!
  • Ms. Fredrick for recycling and sharing resources (binders). Thank you for thinking about us.
  • Everyone that's behind the scenes to help make Saturday school a success!
  • Samia Rutherford for making copies and creating extended tutoring folders for third grade. We truly appreciate you!
  • Mr. Anderson for his thoughtfulness.
  • V. Hernandez for helping me pull biographies and sort them for my team on a Friday afternoon.
  • Nurse Rachel!!!! 141 pairs of glass!!!! Thank you so much for the service you provide for our babies!!
  • Mrs Vando for helping find me a volunteer at the last minute! Thanks for sharing your connections!
  • Mrs. Ramos for always being willing to help me in the clinic or call parents. You are the best!
  • Belinda Rubio for always helping me!
  • Betty- you are AMAZING!
  • Eva the Diva, you are the wind beneath my wings! I love you, thank you for everything you do here!
  • Huge thanks to the Valley Creek volunteers who supported the Vision Clinic! Thank you!
  • Mr Thomas- thank you for the weekly supply drops :)
  • Thank you to Ms. Norton and Mrs. Echevarria for an amazing Career Day!

Happy March Birthdays

  • Shuntel Green -- March 3rd
  • Brandes Bodiford --March 4th
  • Marisol Anguita-Otero -- March 5th
  • Yvette Bernal -- March 5th
  • Letiza Quezada -- March 12th
  • Melissa Villegas -- March 18th
  • Kristin Fraizer -- March 31st
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