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Toyota Supra 2016 - This Year's Cheapest Super Car?

Fast. Light-weight. From twin-turbo monster to solid a horsepower god. The Toyota Supra has made a face on this planet. In 1998, this car was a luxury. Costing around $80,000 it was easily one of the most favored drag-racers of it's time. But, the year of 2016 has released a new edition, and to surprise, this one heck of a car only starts at an average of $50,000.

You're probably saying right now that there is no way this car is so cheap. Being a super car, this is 2016's cheapest, and most anticipated super car to be released. With a mileage of 25 mph on the road and 31 mph on the highways, you can drive for miles without needing to worry about gas. Also, coming with a stock, carbon-fiber spoiler it makes this thing look even better. So far, this is the cheapest super-car of 2016. We may not know, will someone else get the idea to make an even cheaper super car?

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Top 3 Most Favored Cars of 2016

Oakland Raiders

There season of 2015-2016 was definitely better than the one before. 3-13? Awful! But this year 7-9. The main reason why they did this well was because of no other then Amari Cooper. Rookie of the season? Oh yeah, already getting a little over 1,000 yards in his first season. Plus, Charles Woodson, who sadly is retiring this year, was also an amazing Safety. These two definitely are machines.

Speaking about seasons, the Raiders, back when Bo Jackson was the king, were untouchable. With all the power at their fingertips they were a force to be reckoned with. And, Bo Jackson's amazing 91- yard touchdown really showed others what the Raiders are capable of.


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