The Energy Crisis and Election 2016

Many Americans take being able to use nonrenewable energy sources for granted, but what they don't know is that they are decreasing our planet's longevity and killing ecosystems by burning fossil fuels. But can humans really change nature, or does nature only change itself? Is the concept of climate change a big tax scam on Americans and their energy? Moreover,why should the government decide how you fuel your car? Presidential candidates and their parties constantly debate on what should be done on the issues of climate change as a result of global warming and what types of energy to use.
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Republicans on Climate Change

The Republican Party does not believe that climate change is caused by humans, however, some believe it is accelerated by humans. In Congress, Republicans plan to "expand American energy production" to create more jobs, although they are not necessarily planning to produce clean energy. The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has similar views to his party in that he plans to "increase jobs and economic output" for the present as well as future generations. He will also allow Americans to use their energy less restrictedly and not tax them in order to pay for global warming programs.

The Democrat Agenda in Response to the Energy Crisis

On the opposite side of the scale, Democrats do believe in climate change as a result of human activities. Democrats in Congress plan on "cutting carbon pollution" and utilizing renewable energy that is better for the environment. To cut down on pollution, they want to make the electricity grid more strict. Their presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton acknowledges climate change as an "urgent threat". Clinton promises the installation of hundreds of millions of solar panels, the use of more efficient cars, and creating jobs, thereby creating a better economy and reduced energy consumption.
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Organizations That Support Clean, Renewable Energy

  • Green Plains Partners
  • Terraform Global
  • Renewable Energy Group
  • Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Exxon Mobil
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How Independents Feel About Climate Change

The presidential candidate for the Green Party, Jill Stein, describes climate change as an effect of "greed and exploitation of corporate capitalism" and instead want to use 100% clean energy. She is against drilling, mines, and harming nature for the interest of money.

The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson also wants to protect the environment and believes that the government should not interfere with the environment by drilling. He is also in support of clean energy, but his views on the cause of climate change are mixed.


I believe that climate change is real and at least partly caused by humans because there is a lot of scientific evidence to support it. In terms of politics, I believe that the government should create more jobs by investing in clean energy. In terms of individuals, people should be allowed to choose the type of energy they use, but the government should make environmentally friendly options more accessible than fossil fuels.