Keowee's Flash Forward

News from Your Assistant Principal, Rhonda Grant


(I'm sending this a day early because I will not be at school tomorrow.)

Our 5th graders have enjoyed their field trip to Washington, DC this week. They are due back later this evening. I can't wait to hear about their adventure! What an awesome opportunity for these students. I know a lot of wonderful memories were made. Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible for these students and their teachers.

Testing is beginning to wind down. Monday and Tuesday are our last two days of scheduled testing--we have 4 classes that will be taking the final social studies PASS tests. Pray for everyone to be here so we have no make-ups! As of right now, all make-ups are caught up and complete! Yippee!

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Let Your Curriculum Drive the Technology...

As educators in the digital age, it's vital that we take full advantage of new tech tools and provide students with interesting, diverse, and current learning materials. However, it's important to use age and curriculum appropriate digital tools to ENGAGE your students and MOTIVATE them to want to learn.

"Effective technology integration is achieved when the use of technology is routine and transparent and when technology supports curricular goals."

Have fun putting a digital twist on your lessons!

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Quizizz...What Izz It?

How about more gamified classroom quizzes? Like Kahoot, students will answer questions on devices. Unlike Kahoot, which is only played together as a class with lots of excitement and "discussion", Quizizz allows students to take a digital quiz quietly and at their own pace... while still having fun. The memes in between the questions (which can be turned off) can be entertaining.

Who should use it? Elementary students--students need to be able to read and follow directions on their own device.

What's the Best Way to Use Quizizz?

Quizizz is so versatile. It can be played live in a classroom setting with whole/small group, with individuals/pairs on one device, and/or assigned to individuals as homework. Lab settings work great as well because questions and answers are randomized so that students are NOT on the same question. Note: There is a Share on Google Classroom button!! (can you hear the angels singing??)

The teacher will get the ball rolling by projecting the join code to the students. After all students have joined, the teacher may want to hide/minimize the screen... maybe display a timer instead... because student names and statistics can be displayed while the assessment is going.

BYOD? Yes!

Lab Computers? Yes!

Class sets of iPads and Chromebooks? Yes!

At Home Use? Yes!

How To Get Started With Quizizz...

Create a FREE account at

Teachers will search and/or create quizzes. The randomly generated code to join the live quiz will be displayed, but the questions won't necessarily need to be displayed on the SMART Board or screen. They are displayed on the devices. Each Quizizz quiz is self-paced. Results and grades are received by the teacher and can be exported. Stop off at the Help Center for a rundown of FAQs.


No app / No account

Students will use a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) to join quizzes at They are to answer assessment questions along the way at their own pace.

Core Essentials Trait for May is...

Contentment--deciding to be happy with what you've got

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Word of the Week...

The WOW for May 23-27 is arduous. On Friday, we will have two students from Mrs. McLain's 2nd grade class on the news to share their original sentences using the WOW.


John Collins FCAs for May

K Punctuation/end marks (mechanics)

1 Details with elaboration (content)

2 Write a complete compound sentence (mechanics)

3 Use quotation marks in direct speech (mechanics)

4 Use commas & end punctuation with direct quotations (mechanics)

5 Indefinite pronouns with singular verb (mechanics)

Friday At The Movies

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You will need to overirde Youtube to view this week's video.

Quizizz Walkthrough
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Friday, May 20 Relay for Life Event

May 23-24 SC PASS Soc. Studies Labs A & B

Thursday, May 26 PBIS Scoops of Fun

Thursday, May 26 Bridal Shower for Jessica Bates

Thursday, May 26 Subway Night

Friday, May 27 2nd Grade Fairy Tale Ball

(be on the look for The Fairy Godmother & A Knight in Shining Armor)

Friday, May 27 Chorus to Carowinds

Monday, May 30 Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, May 31 Field Day, Yearbook Day & Water Blast

Wednesday, June 1 Awards Day

June 1-2 Early Dismissal @ 11:30

Thursday, June 2 KES Chorus Spring Concert @ 9:00

Thursday, June 2 End-of-Year Staff Luncheon @ 12:15