The Nordtvedt News

March 6th-10th

Hands On Math #nevertoooldforplaydough

Science Museum Visit: Energy

Thank You!

Thank you for coming to conferences. It was great to touch base with you!

What Are We Working On This Week?

Character Education: In March, we are working on the traits of Determination/Perseverance.

Reader's Workshop: Working on Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions.

Spelling/Word Study: Study Week #29 List. Students should study their words every night! The test will be Friday, March 17th.

Writer's Workshop: Working on some independent writing.

Math: Unit 6 & 12 - Volume, Capacity, and 3-D Figures TEST on Wednesday

Science: Unit 7 - Natural Resources TEST on Wednesday

Social Studies: this subject is taught by Mrs. Kornder. Please check your child's agenda daily to see if they have homework in this area. Questions, please


*March 6th-10th HP reading students will be taking the Reading MCA Test

*March 13th-17th HP math students will be taking the Math MCA Test

*March 23rd - the last day of 3rd quarter

*March 24th - NO SCHOOL (teacher planning day)

*March 27th-31st - NO SCHOOL (spring break)

*April 7th - School of Excellence Family Event 5:30-7:00pm

*April 10th-12th - Math MCA Test

*April 17th-19th - Reading MCA Test

*May 3rd & 4th - Science MCA Test