May 2018

Summer Is Here

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All Change!

It is with a note of sadness that we are announcing our departure from Peak School Library. We have both watched our children grow through the school and we share a deep attachment to the staff and the entire school community which makes our decision to move on bittersweet, but we know that it is the right decision for us personally.

It does present a job opportunity for School Librarian! Should any of our parents be interested in applying, you can find the job description and requirements in the "Work with Us" section of the Peak School website. In the first instance, please email for further information.

A Fresh New Look

We have been inspired by a talk given by design guru Kevin Hennah about making the library space accessible, friendly and relevant to children. To that end, we have designed signage specifically for Peak School Library to help everyone find (and replace!) books easily. We think that our space is going to look even more fantastic than it already does... with beautiful displays and clear signs to direct students exactly where they need, to find what they are looking for.

Watch out for a brand new magazine display so kids can peruse their latest favourite monthly subscriptions, clear book racks to easily find those popular fiction series, subject dividers to get straight to the non-fiction books they are looking for and loads of front-facing displays to see what is new on the shelves.

Goodbye laminated paper with blutak, hello permanent and professional displays!

Books For Uganda

While we're on it, our non-fiction shelves are getting a spring clean! We are weeding out the books that have not been issued for years to make room for children to browse the shelves. Already, it's interesting to see how the kids browse much more when the shelves are not so densely packed. We see them carefully flicking through the Transport and Animal sections now until they find the exact book they want. With our new signs, we think it will be even better.

What is wonderful in this process is that our weeded books are donated to community centres and schools in Uganda. We have been working with a charity initiative there for several years and love to see our Peak School library books reach the delighted hands of children who would otherwise have limited access to books.

Taking Action in the Library

We were so proud of Audrey So, one of our Year 6 students who decided to take action with her passion for books and for reading to young children. Audrey set up a Storytime for Year 1 and 2 children at lunchtime library, where she read books to the little ones and shared her love of reading. It goes to show that we can all inspire one another if we just take the time to share a story or two...

Thought for the month...

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

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