Life In China

Richard Vang, P.6, China Brochure


1. Most populous country
2. Second worlds largest country by land area
3. Landscape is diverse, ranging from forests deserts mountains, rivers, and seas
4. Climate includes dry seasons and wet moonsons
5. It has the worlds highest peak-Mount Everest
6. In summer the temperatures are warm and moist
7. In winter the temperatures are cold and windy
8. Home of the Great Wall of China
9 Many ethnic groups
10. Largest country in Asia


Social Organization
1. 90 Percent ethnic Chinese
2. Large number of Mass organizations
1. Mandarin is the official language
2. Chinese characters are the official written script
1. Second largest economy
2. One of the fastest growing economics
1. President is Xi JinPing
2. Single-Party socialist republic
Arts and Literature
1. Olympics
2.Martial arts
1. Three religions are Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism
2. Freedom of Religion
Customs and Traditions
1. Chinese New Year
2. Spring Festival
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Data Based Questions (DBQ)

1. What does the red background of the flag represent?
Answer: It represents the Communist Revolution
2. What does the Golden stars symbolize?
Answer: It symbolizes China and its people