Claude Monet

1840 - 1926


Claude Monet was born on the 14th of November, on the 5th floor of 45 rue Laffitte in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The son of a grocer and a singer, Monet chose to become an artist despite his father's wish for him to go into the family grocery business.

Monet's education in art began with the Le Havre secondary school of the arts. However, he was later on taken under the wing of Jacques Francois Ochard, who taught him to draw. Monet eventually came to meet Eugene Boudin on the beaches of Normandy, and it was this man who introduced him to oil painting.

At the age of sixteen, he left school, his mother having died, and went to live with his widowed and childless aunt Marie Jeanne Lecadre.

Movements They were Involved in

Monet was famous for being most involved in the Impressionist movement, in fact he named it with the very piece, Impression, Sunrise. So in all, he technically founded the movement.

Monet's work led the standard for Impressionism -that is- the focus of the moment before the artist, in particular to the light patterns. It is also famous for its broken colors and fast brush stroke pattern, leaving each painting with the appearance of having been blurred.

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Water Lilies

This piece is my favorite because it is simpler than most of Monet's other pieces and seems to just be a study of plants and water. It also shows part of the pond within its depths, rather than just the surface reflecting any and all light. The colors are also harmonious, and focus mostly on the cool, summery theme while also having the odd splash of red in the flowers themselves.