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One of the true joys in our industry is the ability to join forces and work with the truly innovative and creative personalities who are always changing and challenging the existing business landscape. Their ideas today become the reality of tomorrow’s business world.

By offering the very best in our support and capital providing services, we attract the elite of the entrepreneurial go getters. The sort of people whose drive and vision is highly sought after for their ability to recognize opportunity in any endeavor and make the best out of it. With your passion and drive and our nurturing assistance, great things are possible.

Gifted entrepreneurs are those with the ability to think outside of the box and ignore most conventional norms. To fully support the sorts of individuals in their quest, we too must be able to work in such a dynamic style, yet be able to identify and account for factors present in the existing market place. In this way visions are not hampered by the conditions into which they are conceived, but rather given a free path to their realization.

Business Plans

· Any good business plan must contain the following elements:

· An initial executive summary, listing in detail your proposal, concepts and goals.

· A breakdown of your teams resumes detailing perceived core strengths and weaknesses.

· A detailed in depth description of your product or service.

· An overview of the market that your business intends to operate in listing competitors, economic environment and regional factors.

· A demographic breakdown of social and economic means of your target market and relation to scale of the product market as a whole.

Cash flow breakdown and predicted financial requirements over a twelve month period utilizing current conditions.

Larger ongoing concerns are to provide a projected balance sheet for the period of twelve months. It is recommended that a qualified accounting service be retained to create all financial projections included in your submission.

Raising Capital

Raising venture capital on which to develop your proposal is one of the hardest steps required for a new entity. For many this is the first experience of the intricacies of the private equity world and can be quite daunting. At Marvont Group, chief among our goals is to make this as comfortable and easy to understand as possible by offering the best of our hard earned experience and facilitating all of your requirements.

In conjunction with our expansive and long established business network, we can provide you with the required access to investors, financiers and trade specific intermediaries. The added value of such a network cannot be overstated and is many times just as crucial as the funding itself. This network gives you the best possible path on which to develop as your funding comes online.

Our ability to raise capital for the right opportunity comes from a number of direct and indirect sources. Long-term financial partners, our large pool of Angel investors, our own in house equity line and even the solicitation of government funding and private grants.


A key understanding of the various regulations and governmental policies which will affect your business from its day to day compliance with taxation and financial reporting to the ever present need for accreditations in a range of different environments is of the upmost importance. Marvont Group can be your trusted partner as you navigate what may be a never before encountered regulatory field.


By allowing Marvont Group to assist you in your overall business or in regards to a project specific model, we bring to the table our wealth of knowledge and experience across the fields of capability analysis, governance, stakeholder management and relations and project coordination. With our ability to customize solutions to each individual clients requirements and our vested interest in your success, we should be your first choice in any consultancy role.


When it comes to outlining your technological need Marvont Group is at the top of the list of partners you could chose to assist you.


By operating on a global level, our support and maintenance services are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.