We handle your loved ones with care

Family owned and operated

Here at Kwiatkowski Funeral Home we make it our business to lay your loved one to rest while handeling all aspects of the funeral. We are here to help your family during these very difficult times.


We offer viewings, funeral services, cremation, and prep. We are prepared to fulfill any needs your family may need to lay your loved one to rest. We accomadate all religions and beliefs and respect all preperations you may need done before the burial.


We have two qualified Psychologist on staff to help any one in your family that may want to speak to someone about the grief process and what to expect.

Religious beliefs

We are happy to accommodate all burial rituals ones family and religion may call upon before the burial of your loved one. We accommodate families that need to cleanse the body prior to burial as well arrangements can made with the director of the funeral home.

Memorial Services

If a funeral or wake is not what the family would like we also offer a banquet room that can accommodate up to 200 people for a memorial service. We offer many musical choices and have a large screen for any videos you may want to play for the memorial service.


You are welcome to supply your own flowers, but we do have a partner florist that is very talented and provides wonderful flower arrangements.

Final decisions

When deciding on the actual funeral services if your loved one has not left their wishes. The family is encouraged to make decisions together to ensure a peacful gathering. Such wishes may be open or closed casket, what your loved one is to be buried in, what scriptures you wish to have read at the service, and so on.

Thank you

We are here to make this tough time as easy as possible for your family. We would like to take the time to thank you for your interest in our business and if there is anything you need that is not listed please feel free to ask. We are more then willing to make your wishes happen.