Keep our planet green!

Help Our local Wildlife

We have many useful recycling tips to keep you safe and evrything aurond you. Our ountry, America has become the largest area for conservation. We dont recycle leaving our tras sent to the ocean or other places meant for animals.we can help this by recycleing our paper, plastic, and glass. we an make a differance auround our comunity...What are animals going to do when we run out of trees or dump our nasty trash into their homes. How would we feel if that was us?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Old Clothes

Many of us have given box after box of clothes or toys to neighbors. What about good will we can donate things like bedding, towels, or rags that are too worn out to use? Well good will wants these items. However they can not be wet! So next time you are intending to throw these helpful items remember to bring them to good will.


Save energy by turning off your lights! When your going to school or work make sure to turn off your lights. You can have many great ways to have light yoyu need to make sure to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS, it will save alot of energy. If the light bulb stops working you can make a fun craft idea! Contact me at my email for more information about recycling!

Earth Day!

Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 9pm

Every Were

Please celebrate this wonderful day! Give a helping hand too someone who cant help them selvs.

Bring Your own bag

while your checking out of the groshery store try to remember your own bag this can keep those plastic bags away from our beautiful nature and bring more wild life into our great planet, Earth!